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Oscars 2024, Fashion Highlights

This is a story about the Oscars red carpet in Los Angeles in 2024. Stars dressed up beautifully and brought their fashion Agame. They looked awesome and even used their clothes to say something about politics. The night wasn’t just for giving out movie awards but also for showing off cool outfits.

The Most Stylish Couples

Some couples really stood out because they looked amazing together. Emily Blunt was at the Oscars for her movie “Oppenheimer.” She wore a fancy dress with big sleeves from Schiaparelli and shiny jewelry from Tiffany & Co. Her husband, John Krasinski, wore an allwhite suit and looked sharp too. We also saw Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade looking good on the red carpet.

This is Gabrielle Union wearing a noshoulder Carolina Herrera dress and Dwayne Wade in a special Atelier Versace suit looking very stylish.

Individual Fashion Standouts

Even though many eyes were on the couples certain stars stood out all by themselves. Mark Ronson and Grace Gummer each came in Gucci outfits. With Ronson up for a music award for “Barbie” both had an extra sparkle that night. Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons looked classy also in Gucci. They’ve been considered for Oscars before.

There was drama too with Emma Stone having a dress issue right as Ryan Gosling sang “I’m Just Ken.” Stone who got an Oscar for being the Best Actress in “Poor Things” joked about getting her Louis Vuitton fixed fast because that’s how things go at the Oscars.

Political and Social Statements

The fashion show wasn’t just about looks it was also a place to say something important.

This is an example of how social and political ideas can show up in what we wear. We saw small red pins on many famous people. They wore these to ask for peace in Gaza. This shows us that clothes can be more than just fashion – they can help spread important messages too. This is a look at some unforgettable fashion choices. People talked about Lupita Nyong’o wearing a feathered Armani dress that was also ecofriendly.

America Ferrera got attention in her chainmail dress made by Atelier Versace that looked like something Barbie might wear. These outfits showed who they are and reminded us the Oscars are always doing new things with fashion. Now, let’s talk about surprises we didn’t expect. The Oscars have planned music and prizes, but sometimes spontaneous things happen which everyone remembers later. 

For example, Emma Stone had an issue with her dress but it was fixed really fast! These kinds of things make the Oscars lively and full of surprises. To wrap this up the 2024 Oscars were about celebrating movies and amazing style all mixed together. We saw lots of different looks showing off creativity from simple outfits to super fancy ones.


This is a mix of oldschool charm and bold new styles showing off what everyone at the event likes. As usual, the Oscars show us what the Hollywood stars love to wear. They give us ideas and start new fashion trends for the coming year. With its blend of fancy looks, cool styles, and a bit of surprise, the Oscars stay a big deal in Hollywood’s diary. People who love celebrities and fashion can’t wait for it.


Ryan Lenett
Ryan is passionate about cars and good at forming teams. He writes engaging stories that have gained him many readers. He's known for his detailed writing and has a talent for telling stories. Every piece he writes is impactful.