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Apple Watch Double Tap Feature Highlighted in Latest Apple Ad

Apple recently put out a new advertisement focusing on the useful Double Tap option on its Apple Watch. The ad, ‘Big Fish,’ demonstrates how this feature can be useful in daily life. This article will provide detailed insights into this advertising campaign and the Double Tap feature.

Double Tap Feature on Apple Watch An Innovative Twist

The Double Tap function, launched with watch OS 10.1, lets users carry out a variety of operations on their Apple Watch by merely tapping their thumb and forefinger together two times. This action triggers primary actions for many apps and alerts.

  • Media control, This gesture allows for switching between Play and Pause or Track Skipping.
  • Smart Stack, The feature can rotate through widgets or choose the top widget.
  • Camera Remote, This function permits a connected iPhone to snap a picture.

This function can be found on the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Ultra 2 variant, which use sensors to perceive small motions and blood flow to recognize the movement.

The Ad, ‘Big Fish’

The recent ad is 30 seconds long that showcases a fisherman trying hard to hold onto a gigantic catfish while attempting to take its photo with his distant iPhone 15 Pro. The ad displays him using his Apple Watch’s Double Tap function to take the picture remotely.

“Snap with a tap,” is what we see towards the end of the ad that emphasizes how easy it is to use an iPhone along with an Apple Watch together.

Configuring The Double Tap Gesture

To acclimate themselves with Double Tap Gesture, users need to open their Watch app on their iPhones followed by clicking Gestures. They can then set their preferences for their media control and Smart Stack in the following steps.

Steps for Setting Up Double Tap,

  • Access the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Click on Gestures.
  • Configure controls for media and Smart Stack according to your preference.

Everyday Uses

The Ad introduces us to how useful Double Tap function can be in a real life setting. The fisherman, preoccupied by a large fish, uses this feature to take a snapshot without any need to touch his iPhone.

The purpose of this gesture goes beyond just capturing memories. it’s useful in accomplishing different routine tasks like ,

  • Picking up calls,
  • Sending text messages replies,
  • Navigating through Smart Stacks
  • Prompting other app immediate functions


Advantages and Disadvantages of Double Tap


    • Onehanded operation is simple.
    • Makes device more accessible.
    • Makes accomplishing quick tasks more efficient.
    • Limits the need for direct iPhone interaction.


  • Only available on some models.
  • Working of gesture can be inconsistent in varying situations.
  • Totally dependent on sensitive and accurate sensor detection.

User Feedback

The recent advertisement has drawn attention and received positive responses, thanks to its clever demonstration of the Double Tap feature. Viewers love how it effectively shows the practical uses of this feature which makes the Apple Watch even more attractive to prospective buyers.

Main Features of Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2

  • Sophisticated Sensors, Measures blood flow and motion for precise gesture recognition.
  • “Camera Remote App”, Allows iPhone’s camera to be controlled remotely, making it easier to take photos.
  • Detailed Health Tracking, Features heartbeat monitoring, ECG tests, and checks blood oxygen levels. ​.
  • Better Performance, The S9 SIP powers this watch providing fast speed and improved responsiveness. ​.
  • Durability, Built to endure tough conditions, especially the model Ultra 2. ​.

Final Thoughts

The Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2’s Double Tap feature marks a major leap in wearable tech. By letting users finish key tasks with only a simple gesture, Apple has made its smartwatches even more functional and easy to use. This new advertisement successfully presents this feature by showing its practical uses in daily life.

We can look forward to more creative applications of the Double Tap feature as tech proceeds to expand, embedding the Apple Watch even deeper into our daily lives. For now, the ‘Big Fish’ ad cleverly and engagingly introduces us to this thrilling new function.

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