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991222-F-3961R-005 Super model Christie Brinkley winds up to throw an autographed football into the audience during a United Service Organizations (USO) show in the Eagle Sports Complex at Tuzla Air Base, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on Dec. 22, 1999. Brinkley joined the entourage of entertainers, cheerleaders, sports figures, and comedians accompanying Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen on his third annual holiday tour and USO show. DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Cecilio M. Ricardo Jr., U.S. Air Force. (Released)

Christie Brinkley at 70, Unchanging Beauty and Strength

Christie Brinkley, famous model, still shines and inspires at 70, showing that age doesn’t matter in a profession known for its strict age limits. She was warned that her career would end in her 30s. But she hasn’t just lasted, she has excelled, showing how to handle getting older with grace and dignity.

“They told me by the time you’re 30 you’ll be finished with this business,” Brinkley shared with People magazine. After celebrating turning 70 this year, she continues to stay relevant and alive in the fashion industry.

The Way to Keep Looking Young

Brinkley’s ongoing success and youthful looks come from a dedicated skincare routine focused on strong sun protection. “I can’t stress it enough, sun cream and a hat do more for you than any beauty treatment,” she insists. She often supports brands such as Supergoop and La RochePosay which highlight the need of regular skin care for fighting ageing and avoiding skin cancer, a disease from which she herself has suffered.

  • Favoured Sunscreen Brands, Supergoop, La RochePosay
  • Critical Insight, Use sun cream regularly to protect against harmful UV sunlight
  • Sharing Personal Experience, Sharing experiences about skin issues to underline the importance of skincare

Promoting Fresh Outlook on Ageing

In welcoming her seventh decade, Brinkley’s open acceptance of her age has opened wider conversations about growing older today. She frequently talks about the fun parts of getting older with her many followers, changing traditional ideas of ageing and emphasising its benefits.

During a recent performance on the “Today” show, she explained how growing older has meant living more honestly, no more impossible demands. “I look forward to this great decade,” she said with an infectious smile that showed her eagerness for what ‘s next

Promoting Variety in Fashion

Brinkley’s push for age inclusivity in modelling has led to notable changes in the ways people view beauty and age. Her constant work with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, where she featured with Martha Stewart (82), proves this change. “I think it’s fantastic that Sports Illustrated also includes me as well as Martha who looks amazing,” she confirmed, happy about the magazine’s celebration of beauty at all ages.

  • Inclusivity Moves: Encouraging age diversity in modelling
  • Icons: Martha Stewart is oldest SI cover model joined by Brinkley
  • Cultural Shift: Contributing to changing views of ageing in style business.

Words to Live by and Looking Ahead

Brinkley has been inspiring for over 40 years providing useful tips on accepting life trials and finding beauty at every stage of life. In reply to online critics, Brinkley once edited her Instagram text showing her mental attitude. It read “Wishing my haters all happiness,” displaying her method of dealing with negativity calmly and humorously.

Her belief is based on enjoying life fully and welcoming new chances each age brings. “50 isn’t what it used to be. Neither is 30.” This catchphrase shows how she lives but also motivates others to rethink ageing definitions.

As Brinkley stays active and motivating, her trendsetting reputation in and outside the fashion world continues to grow stronger. Her mission of long life, inclusivity, and vigour makes Christie Brinkley a true super role model, not just a legendary supermodel for the future generations.


Christie Brinkley’s experiences in the modelling business strongly show how views of age and beauty are changing. Her lively lifestyle and determination have let her continue to enjoy a flourishing career even now in her 70s. Besides, it has led to big changes in societal views about ageing, especially in fashion. As she carries on encouraging people for self appreciation and inclusivity, Brinkley’s influence is an inspiring story that pushes against standard norms. It shows everyone the value of welcoming their growing years with energy and dignity.

Featured Img Src – Cecilio M. Ricardo, U.S. Air Force, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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