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Travel Advisory for the Bahamas Amidst Rising Crime and Safety Concerns

The US Embassy in the Bahamas has a serious message for Americans thinking about a Caribbean vacation this winter. There’s been a shocking increase in violence there, with 18 murders reported since the start of the year. This spike in crime is causing a lot of worry over how safe it is for travelers.

Alarming Increase in Violent Crimes

Recent announcements by the Embassy have highlighted a disturbing trend of increasing violence within the Bahamas, and Nassau in particular. Since the new year, officials have counted 18 instances of murder—most of which are attributed to gang-related disputes. These serious offenses happen at all hours, occasionally even in broad daylight. This signifies a heightened risk for both tourists and local inhabitants.

Gang Violence and Retaliatory Attacks

Gang actions are the main reason behind the jump in murder rates this year. The Embassy warns that these brutal acts happen without warning and are affecting spots that tourists go to, as well as places where locals live.

Travel Advisories and Warnings

Seeing as how crime has gone up, the U.S. State Department now warns us to be more careful when we hit the Bahamas—it’s at a Level 3 advisory now. Folks heading there should watch out ‘cause things like breaking-and-entering, stick-ups, attacks, and even murder happen a lot, and it’s not just where tourists hang out—it’s all over.

Precautions for Tourists

  • Avoid Resistance During Robberies: The State Department advises against physically resisting in the event of a robbery.
  • Stay Vigilant at Night: Increased caution is recommended during nighttime.
  • Low Profile Advised: Maintaining a low profile is crucial to avoid drawing unwanted attention.
  • Extreme Caution in New Providence Island: Particularly in the eastern portion of New Providence Island, where the risk is deemed higher.
  • Beware of Unregulated Water Activities: The State Department warns about poorly maintained watercraft and inconsistent regulations in recreational water activities.

Prime Minister’s Response to the Crisis

Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis has addressed the crisis by announcing increased police action and the implementation of roadblocks. While acknowledging the potential inconvenience for residents and visitors, he emphasized that these measures are necessary for the greater good of public safety.

Concerns Beyond the Bahamas

The safety concerns extend beyond the Bahamas, with nearby Jamaica also receiving a Level 3 travel advisory from the U.S. State Department. The advisory for Jamaica warns of frequent violent crimes, including at all-inclusive resorts.

Response from Authorities and the Embassy

We’ve tried reaching out to the Bahamian Embassy in Washington D.C., but we haven’t had any luck. Still, U.S. officials and the embassy are keeping a close eye on things. They’re providing updates and advice to keep Americans safe.

Historical Context of Violence in the Bahamas

Sharks in the Bahamas sometimes attack people without warning, which is a danger for both tourists and residents.

A case in point: a Boston tourist was tragically killed by a shark while he was paddleboarding near New Providence Island just last December. When it comes to unprovoked shark attacks recorded since 1580, the Bahamas is ninth in the world.

Travel Insurance and Emergency Preparedness

Heeding these warnings, you’d be wise to snag some travel insurance. It’ll cover your back — from medical emergencies and scrapped trips to other surprises out of the blue. Best to gear up for whatever comes your way, like sudden emergencies, particularly if you’re jetting off to areas with higher risks.


The heads-up from the U.S. Embassy is key—it’s a nudge for travelers to keep their eyes peeled and stay sharp while out and about. The uptick in violence in the Bahamas, not to mention the issues down in Jamaica, screams for extra attention and care if you’re vacationing in these hot Caribbean spots. If you need the lowdown on travel warnings or wanna pick up some safety pro-tips, hit up the U.S. State Department’s travel site.

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