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Disney Parks Grapple with Unsanitary Guest Behavior as Poop Incidents Increase

In a troubling development, Disney parks have become the setting for a series of unsavory incidents involving guests defecating in ride lines, sparking outrage and concern among visitors and staff. Reports from both coasts, at Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida, have surfaced, indicating a disturbing trend of inappropriate restroom behavior. This has led to calls for more bathrooms and better facilities for guests waiting in long queues.

Rise in “Poop Hall” Incidents

There have been numerous complaints from both visitors and staff about people defecating in public, particularly in well-liked areas like “Rise of the Resistance” at Disney World and “Flight of Passage” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This distasteful behavior has not only turned the stomachs of those enjoying the park but has also created a tense atmosphere for Disney’s staff members.

Recurring Theme of Unpleasant Experiences

  • Guests have observed children defecating in ride queues, with one incident occurring at the “Rise of the Resistance” where a child’s excrement was left unattended.
  • Disney workers refer to one area of the “Flight of Passage” ride queue as “the poop hall” due to the frequency of such occurrences.
  • A camera installed to deter this behavior has been ineffective in stopping it.
  • Former employees recall dealing with both animal and human waste, often responding to “Code H” situations, a code that was expanded from horse waste to human incidents.

Such experiences have become less shocking to employees over time, but they still present significant challenges in maintaining the cleanliness and appeal of the parks.

Historical Context of Cleanup Challenges

Ken Pellman and Lynn Barron, former Disneyland workers, document the extensive history of dealing with waste at Disney parks in their book, “Cleaning the Kingdom: Insider Tales of Keeping Walt’s Dream Spotless.” The book reveals that dealing with waste has been a part of the Disney park experience for decades, noting incidents where guests have been forced by circumstances to relieve themselves in less-than-ideal locations, including one woman’s desperate moment in the Indiana Jones Adventure line.

Strategies for Mitigating Unsanitary Conditions

To address these issues, some queues, such as the one for the Avatar-themed “Flight of Passage” ride, now feature mid-line bathrooms to provide relief for guests in anticipation of long wait times. These facilities have been well received, and there is a growing demand for additional amenities of this kind throughout the parks.

Disney’s Response to Queue Sanitation

Despite the fact that Disney parks have made certain provisions for guests with disabilities or folks who can’t handle long lines by offering them fast-track entry, there’s still a big issue with lengthy wait times for the rest of the visitors in busier periods. Following some recent happenings, many people have voiced the need for more toilet facilities to keep filthy situations at bay.

Disney has yet to reveal any intention to increase the number of toilets in all line-ups, but these conversations are now attracting loads of attention due to potential health and safety risks. The “on line” incidents have tarnished the normally sparkling image of Disney parks as safe, clean places for families, which indicates stronger action might be required to tackle this problem.

Public Reaction and Policy Implications

The public reaction to these events has been one of shock and disapproval, with many using social media as a platform to express their concerns and share firsthand accounts of the incidents. The consensus among visitors is clear: the situation is unacceptable and requires immediate attention.

Recommendations for Guests and Park Policy

It is recommended that guests plan accordingly for their needs and exit the line if necessary to use the restroom. For the parks’ part, considering the installation of more mid-line restrooms or enhancing guest awareness about available facilities may help mitigate these issues.

With the increase in guest volume and the need for efficient throughput in rides, Disney parks may have to balance guest comfort with operational demands. The addition of more restrooms appears to be a practical solution that would alleviate some of the pressures of long wait times.

For more insights on how to navigate Disney park queues and available amenities, guests can refer to resources such as the Disney blog Inside the Magic, which provides updates and tips for a more enjoyable park experience.

In conclusion, as Disney continues to address these challenges, it is clear that the maintenance of their parks’ cleanliness and the health and safety of their guests remain a top priority. Whether this will lead to a widespread policy change regarding queue facilities remains to be seen.

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