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Disney World Ticket Price Hike

If you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World in 2025, it’s time to tweak your budget. The popular resort in Florida is bumping up ticket prices, so expect to pay more next year. This increase mirrors the continuous changes in how theme parks set their prices and what they offer to guests.

Breaking Down the Price Increase

The latest news indicates that a oneday ticket will cost between $5 and $20 more, depending on which park you visit and when. To put this into perspective, a single day at the Magic Kingdom will go from costing $169 in 2024 to $179 in 2025. Prices at EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom will go up too, making it clear that enjoying Disney is getting pricier.

The NittyGritty on Ticket Costs

  • Magic Kingdom, $169 in 2024. $179 in 2025
    • EPCOT, $154 in 2024 to $174 in 2025
    • Disney’s Hollywood Studios, $159 in 2024 to $174 in 2025
    • Disney’s Animal Kingdom, $144 in 2024 to $154 in 2025
  • Prices for the cheapest tickets will go up from $109 to $119, making the overall cost of visiting the park a bit higher. Still, Disney World is determined to provide a variety of ticket choices and price levels for different types of visitors.

Comparing Prices with Universal Orlando

Intriguingly, by 2025, Disney’s ticket prices will be similar to Universal Orlando’s, where daily passes are also priced between $119 and $179. This matching of rates between the two big amusement parks shows they’re both eager to attract the same crowd and their money.

Tips for Getting Cheaper Disney Tickets

Even with the increase in prices, you can still save money on Disney World tickets.

  • Plan Ahead, Booking your visit …
  • Plan Ahead for Savings
  • Book in Advance, If you’re planning to visit in 2024, consider buying your tickets now. Prices for the rest of this year won’t go up.
  • Explore Discounted Options, Look for cheaper vacation deals or multiday passes from places like Costco, AAA, or Undercover Tourist.
  • Military and Florida Resident Discounts, Disney often has lower prices for active or retired military folks, their families, and people living in Florida.
  • Use Disney Gift Cards, Buy Disney gift cards for less than face value and use them to purchase your park tickets – you could save even more money.

Freebies and Special Offers

To give guests a better deal, Walt Disney World is now giving away free water park tickets to those staying at its hotels. This bonus, along with other deals and offers, helps to improve the vacation experience by bundling more into the cost.

The Broader Context

Disney World’s decision to up the price for admission is happening at a time when Disney World is experiencing.
Disney World is now taking reservations for its theme parks and hotels for 2025 during an incredibly busy period. A singleday pass for 2025 is now $10 more expensive per person, and the cost varies depending on which day you pick.

The park’s decision to adjust prices reflects their plan to pour money into making the park bigger and better, with new attractions and improved experiences for guests. Disney is shelling out a whopping $42 billion to grow their parks, aiming to provide topnotch fun and enchantment for visitors. Yet, these upgrades aren’t cheap, so they’re bumping up ticket prices to help cover some of the expenses.

Final Thoughts

As Disney World keeps transforming, the higher ticket prices for 2025 show they’re really thinking things through about how to make the park experience better. Even though ticket costs are going up, which might pinch your wallet, Disney is working hard to keep providing a wide mix of shows, rides, and deals. This shows they’re trying to strike a balance between offering cool stuff and making it affordable.