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Disneyland’s Big Expansion Plans

As of April 18, 2024 Disneyland gearing up for a massive makeover. The Anaheim City Council just gave it the green light. This huge $1.9 billion project, named DisneylandForward, is bringing new rides, shops and even much needed homes to the area.

What’s New with Disneyland Forward

The city council gave the thumbs up to DisneylandForward late on Tuesday. It’s a big deal as this is their biggest project since the ’90s expansion. Here’s what they’ve got planned,

  • New Rides and Shows: They’re planning some really cool new areas based on hits like Frozen, Zootopia and Peter Pan.
  • Jobs and Money: Building this thing will create about 7,800 jobs and once it’s done, there’ll be 3,600 permanent ones to help out the local economy.
  • Infrastructure Upgrades: Plans are set to spend $30 million on low cost housing and another $8 million on making parks and community areas better.

Community and Economic Impact

The DisneylandForward project is going to have a big effect on the economy. Ken Potrock, who’s in charge of Disneyland Resort, said this plan will not just make the park more popular all over the world but also help out the local economy a lot. The city is looking forward to getting more tax money from this which they really need for community services.

Disney isn’t just thinking about their park. they’re putting money into fixing traffic problems and other things in town too. They paid $40 million to buy some streets near the park, which should help with traffic jams and make it easier to get around.

Addressing Local Concerns

Even though lots of people are excited about the bigger park, there are folks living nearby that aren’t so sure it’s a great idea.

Concerns and Disney’s Response

People worry about how the project might affect traffic and living costs. In response, Disney has promised to help with these problems,

  • An $85 million investment in better roads and managing traffic.
  • Mayor Ashleigh Aitken is hopeful about what the project will bring in the future, saying that detailed checks have been done to make sure it really helps the community.

Final Steps and Future Prospects

The council needs to vote one more time on this plan in May. If they give it a thumbs up, it’ll start a long period of building work that will change Disneyland and Anaheim for decades to come.

Disneyland is looking ahead. They want to mix old memories with new ideas so visitors can enjoy fresh experiences while remembering the good ol’ days.

While embracing the timeless appeal that’s been a part of the park since 1955. The expansion plan makes sure Disneyland stays top dog in the world wide travel game, keeping up its popularity with visitors from around the globe and living up to its nickname as “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

Looking Forward

The goahead for this proposal is up for a vote in May 2024. If it gets the green light, this daring initiative won’t just revamp Disneyland but will also shake things up in Anaheim’s scene, possibly leading the way for new ventures in city leisure spots.

Disney’s move here shows they’re really into bringing new thrills to their parks and working hand in hand with their neighbours, ensuring Disneyland remains a key piece of Anaheim’s economy and community tapestry for plenty more years.

Contact Information, To get the latest scoop on what’s happening with DisneylandForward.

Disneyland News

Welcome, Disney fans! We’re all excited about the latest at Disneyland Resort. The company is dreaming big and planning to expand. Yes, you heard it right. Think of new attractions, shops, restaurants, and hotels!

Now here’s what’s cooking, Disney doesn’t have enough space for this growth as things stand now. But don’t worry! They’re not buying more land. they’re just hoping to change some existing areas to make room for all this cool stuff. If you’re curious about what could be coming our way, imagine zones with different themes based on popular Disney stories and characters. Get ready for a whole new world of fun!

Heads up! This isn’t set in stone yet. It depends on what the city of Anaheim says.

Giving Back

Disneyland isn’t just thinking about their own backyard. they care about the whole neighbourhood too. They want to boost the local economy and create jobs which is exactly what we need after a tough year like this one.

Stay Informed

If you want the scoop on Disneyland’s big plans, keep an eye on their official website Also, if you live nearby or are simply interested in following along, check out updates through DisneylandForward online or show up at city council meetings soon to come.



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