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Farewell to Fossil Smartwatches, What You Need to Know

Fossil, once a leading brand in the smartwatch industry, has stopped making its Wear OS and hybrid smartwatches. This marks a significant change for the company.

End of an Era

Earlier this year, Fossil announced that it was leaving the smartwatch market. This decision was due to decreasing importance after the introduction of Wear OS 3. For years, Fossil had developed many different styles of smartwatches that worked with Android and iOS systems.

After this announcement, last week Fossil started offering huge discounts on their remaining Wear OS smartwatches, with prices cut up to 75% off the original cost. This big sale has emptied out Fossil’s stock of smartwatches and brought their production to a halt.

Don’t Overpay

Even though Fossil has left the market, customers can still purchase Fossil watches through third party retailersFossil watches are often available on platforms like Amazon. However, it’s wise not to overpay for these devices since their prices can be higher than what they really are.

  • Amazon Pricing: The average price for Fossil watches on Amazon ranges from $150170, much more than their prices in recent clearance sales.
  • Warning: Customers should avoid paying over $100 for a Fossil watch because future software support and updates might not continue.

Best Buy TradeIns

Best Buy has changed its trade in offers for Fossil smartwatches due to their decreasing value. Previously, the store could give up to $140 for certain models but now only provides a maximum of $15.

This adjustment is based on the reduced market prices of Fossil smartwatches, particularly evident during clearance sales where they have been priced as low as $79.

Massive Discounts on Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch

In an attempt to clear stock, Fossil is giving a big 73% discount on

Fossil has significantly lowered the price of its Gen 6 smartwatches to just $79. This major price drop offers an amazing chance for customers to buy a top quality Wear OS device at a very low price.

The Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch is packed with advanced features,

  • 1.28inch AMOLED display with 416 x 416 pixels resolution
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus SoC
  • 1GB RAM and 8GB storage
  • 300mAh battery capable of rapid charging
  • Sensors for monitoring health and wellness
  • 3ATM water resistance rating
  • Supports Bluetooth 5 LE, NFC, and WiFi connectivity

At an affordable $79, the Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch is an excellent choice for customers looking for a dependable wearable device with many features.

Future of Wear OS

With Fossil leaving the smartwatch market, there are uncertainties about the future of Wear OS. Google’s partnership with Samsung on Wear OS 3 has changed the dynamics, reducing the number of competitors.

Despite fewer companies producing them, Google and Samsung enhancements to Wear OS suggest a strong continuation in developing the platform.

While leading companies continue to update their smartwatch models, brands like OnePlus are also progressing in the wearable technology field. However, the lack of major players such as Fossil highlights the difficulties that third party manufacturers have in competing with bigger companies.

Consumer Considerations

When thinking about buying a smartwatch, consumers should keep these points in mind,

  • Brand Reputation: Check the reputation and history of the smartwatch makers to ensure they provide continuous support and software updates.
  • Feature Set: Look at the features and capabilities of different smartwatches to see if they meet your specific needs and desires.
  • Price: Make sure to compare prices from different sellers to get the best deal on a smartwatch, and take advantage of any sales or special offers.


With Fossil no longer in the smartwatch industry, buyers need to when buying Fossil watches from nonofficial stores, be careful. Although these sales might have low prices, think about the support and updates you will get later.

As smartwatch technology develops, consumers can look at other brands such as Samsung, Google, and OnePlus. These companies provide cutting edge wearable devices with continuous software support.

Jonas Muthoni
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