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Garmin Gears Up to Introduce “Sleep Coaching” Tool

Garmin, the renowned smartwatch manufacturer, is reportedly set to unveil a groundbreaking feature to its range of smartwatches. As per multiple sources, the new “Sleep Coaching” tool is poised to provide a comprehensive analysis of users’ sleep patterns, offering tailored feedback and recommendations.

Rumored Feature Highlights

  • An innovative Sleep Coaching feature that offers insights into users’ sleep habits and provides customized recommendations.
  • Capability to track recent sleep patterns against a personal average, with an emphasis on understanding HRV’s (Heart Rate Variability) impact on sleep quality.
  • Auto-detection of naps lasting over 10 minutes on supported devices, with an option for manual logging via Garmin Connect or the wearable.
  • Feedback and insights based on collected sleep and nap data to enhance rest quality.
  • Integration with the new Morning Report widget, providing users with comprehensive sleep data upon waking.
  • Potential launch alongside the anticipated Garmin Venu 3 smartwatches, with retroactive compatibility for select older Garmin models.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

Building on Garmin’s existing sleep tracking capabilities, the Sleep Coaching feature aims to provide users with a more in-depth understanding of their sleep patterns. Using various data points such as HRV, activity levels, and past sleep data, will offer actionable suggestions to establish consistent sleep habits.

The feature’s prime focus is to emphasize the scientifically proven benefits of maintaining a regular sleep pattern, leading to better sleep quality. For users with irregular sleep schedules, the inclusion of nap and daytime sleep tracking has been a long-awaited addition, which will now allow for more accurate workout recommendations and Body Battery data updates.

Introducing Nap Tracking

One standout feature of this upcoming tool is its nap-tracking capability. Many smartwatches, until now, primarily focused on nighttime sleep data, often overlooking daytime naps or rest periods. Garmin’s new tool aims to bridge this gap by automatically registering sleep, as long as it extends beyond 10 minutes. Furthermore, users can manually log their naps, offering more flexibility and accuracy in data collection.

Compatibility and Launch

The Sleep Coaching tool is expected to be compatible with Garmin watches equipped with the Elevate 4 sensor, which introduced HRV. This suggests that users of the recent Venu 2 model, among others, will benefit from this feature. Although Garmin has yet to officially announce the Sleep Coaching Feature’s release date and schedule, speculations are rife about its debut with the rumored Venu 3 smartwatches in the coming months.


As wearable technology advances, manufacturers are increasingly focusing on user health and wellness. Garmin’s Sleep Coaching feature, with its comprehensive sleep tracking and personalized insights, reflects this trend. For users keen on understanding their sleep patterns and harnessing this knowledge for better health, the introduction of this tool is eagerly awaited. The broader wearable tech industry and users alike will be watching keenly for its official release.

With an expanding market for smartwatches and wearables, the Sleep Coaching feature could be a game-changer for Garmin. In recent years, a notable shift towards health-centric features in wearables has been observed. From fitness tracking to stress management tools, companies are focusing more on holistic well-being. Given the essential role of sleep in overall health and well-being, tools that offer comprehensive sleep analysis are bound to gain traction among users.

Ashley Waithira
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