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Google and Garmin Collaboration: Bringing Satellite SOS to Android 14?

In the rapidly advancing realm of satellite technology and emergency services, Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite has been making waves. Now, Google seems poised to compete in this space, with emerging evidence pointing towards a potential collaboration with Garmin.

Emergence of Satellite SOS

    • Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite feature enables iPhone 14 owners stranded in areas without cellular coverage to contact emergency services.
    • Currently available in select countries, Apple’s satellite SOS feature has set a precedent in the mobile industry.
    • Android 14 seems to be following suit, with proposed satellite SMS functionality incompatible with devices.
    • The Google Messages app is being revamped, possibly to integrate this feature.

Source: Android Authority

Clues from the Code: Google and Garmin’s Potential Alliance

Several findings are fueling the speculation:

  • Developer Neïl Rahmouni identified UI placeholders in the Google Messages app, possibly reserved for the satellite messaging feature.
  • The app code suggests a possible collaboration between Google and Garmin.
  • Strings within the Google Messages update mention “Messaging by satellite ended” and provide a call direction to “Garmin Response”.
  • Rahmouni emphasizes caution, suggesting that until an official announcement, any collaboration remains speculative.

Why Garmin?

  • Garmin’s satellite SOS service, unlike Apple’s, covers more than 150 countries, spanning all seven continents.
  • Through InReach technology, Garmin’s Response Center operates round the clock, assisting in remote emergencies, and has already catered to over 10,000 flagged emergencies.
  • Current Garmin users require an inReach Subscription Plan priced at US$14.95 per month for this feature.

Implications for the Industry

As the digital age advances, the significance of robust and fail-safe communication methods can’t be overstated. An alliance between two giants Google and Garmin could reshape the landscape of mobile connectivity and safety. Here’s what such a collaboration could entail for the industry:

  • Setting a New Standard: If Google successfully integrates Garmin’s satellite SOS service into its devices, it could potentially set a new industry standard. This might push other tech companies to accelerate their efforts in the realm of satellite connectivity.
  • Increased Safety Measures: An integrated emergency system could act as a critical lifeline for users in remote or dangerous situations. The broader reach across continents gives users peace of mind when traveling or venturing into isolated regions.
  • Challenges for Competitors: Apple’s SOS feature might need to expand its coverage and capabilities to stay competitive. This could lead to an intensified race among tech giants to offer the most efficient and wide-reaching satellite SOS features.

The Road Ahead

While the potential of such a collaboration is exciting, some uncertainties persist:

  • Despite code findings, the collaboration between Google and Garmin is yet to be officially confirmed.
  • It’s unclear whether the satellite connectivity feature would require specific new hardware. Speculations are hinting at a possible launch with the Google Pixel 8 series.
  • The exact regions where Google plans to launch this feature remain uncertain. However, aligning with Garmin provides the potential for a wider reach than Apple’s current offering.
  • The payment structure for this feature on Android devices, given Garmin’s existing subscription model, poses questions.


The development of satellite SOS features in smartphones marks a significant leap in safety and connectivity, especially for individuals in remote areas. As Android 14’s release looms, the tech community will be eagerly awaiting more concrete news regarding Google’s foray into this domain and its potential alliance with Garmin.

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