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Outlook on Holiday Travel for 2023

The holiday season this year is gearing up to be super busy for travel. More people are expected to hit the road and skies, so here’s what you need to know if you’re planning a trip.

  • Beat the Rush: A lot of folks are planning to leave early to dodge the busiest times.
  • Better Security and Faster Airport Lines: Airports have stepped up security and made things quicker, especially if you’re a PreCheck flyer.
  • Tips from Other Travelers: Keeping your stuff secure and using tracking devices like AirTags for your bags are good ideas.

The State of Air Travel Now

Air travel has gotten better from last year, with fewer flights getting canceled or delayed.

  • Fewer Cancellations: The number of US flights being canceled has gone down from 2.1% to just 1.2%.
  • Easier European Trips: Things are looking up for flying in Europe too, with a predicted rise of 10% in seats from Dec. 22nd to Jan. 2nd.
  • Worldwide Air Travel is Bouncing Back: It’s still not where it was before the world got turned upside down, but it’s on the mend. About 8.6 billion passengers are set to fly this year.
  • Action by the FAA: To deal with all the holiday traffic, the FAA is making more routes in the sky available.

Busiest Times and Handy Advice

The TSA and Philly’s airport point out the days you’ll likely see most flyers.

  • Top Days for Flights: The TSA tells us December 21, 29, and January 1 will be packed, with over 2.5 million travelers each.
  • Most Crowded at Philadelphia Airport: Watch out for December 26th, 27th, and 22nd; these will be peak days there.
  • Forecast: Philadelphia Airport’s Busiest Time
  • Flyer Tips: You should get to the airport two hours early and keep an eye on your flight through airline updates.

Driving: Make It Easier

Most holidaygoers will drive, and they’ll be happy about the drop in gas prices.

  • More Drivers: There’ll be a 2.2% bump in road travel from last year, with 1.2 million people from Philly driving.
  • Gas Prices Go Down: Thanks to stable oil prices and winter gas, it’s cheaper to fill up your tank.
  • Worst Traffic Days: Expect the worst traffic on December 23 because of last-minute gift-buying chaos.

Holiday Travel Stats

This season’s travel is gonna be the busiest since 2000.

  • Travel Numbers: We’re looking at about 115 million Americans traveling – that’s 2% more than last time.
  • Air Travel Highs: More folks will fly for the holidays than ever before.
  • Other Ways to Go: Over 16% more will use methods like cruises, buses, and trains. For the nitty-gritty on holiday traveling, check AAA’s site.

Be Prepared and Safe While Traveling

With holidays around the corner, experts stress being ready and safe.

  • Your Duties: Stay on top of your flight status and know if bad weather might mess with your plans.
  • Be Secure: Watch your stuff and look out in crowded places like airports and downtown areas.
  • Health Tips: Remember, staying healthy and safe is still key, so take those precautions seriously. Don’t forget to stick to current health advice, like wearing masks and cleaning your hands when you need to.

Impact of Technology on Travel

Technology is key in making travel better during the holiday rush.

  • Mobile Applications: Airlines and travel agencies now use apps to give travelers the latest info on their trips, including what’s happening with their flights and where the gates are.
  • Smart Luggage Tags: Travelers are getting into smart tags, like AirTags, to watch over their bags.
  • Online Check-In and Boarding: Airlines want fewer lines and are pushing for checking in online and using e-boarding passes.


To sum up, the 2023 holiday season’s gonna be super busy for traveling, but the folks who run airports, airlines, and roads are getting ready. With cheaper gas and quicker ways to travel, it looks like loads of people will have a less stressful and happier time getting around this year. Check out CBS’s coverage for more information on the topic.

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