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Intense Heat Wave and Floods Strike the U.S.

Extreme heat is currently sweeping the U.S., causing record temperatures and health warnings across various regions. Other areas of the country are seeing substantial floods, resulting in complications.

Astonishing High Temperatures

The National Weather Service (NWS) sent out heat notices to over 100 million Americans. The I95 passageway from Washington, D.C., to New York City is recording particularly high temperatures, with some places reaching 100 degrees. Specifically, Washington D.C saw its highest temperature since 2012.

  • The temperature in Washington, D.C. reached 100 degrees, a record not seen since 2012.
  • Maryland set a new record with a temperature of 101 degrees.
  • An air quality health warning is in place for New York City and nearby areas.

Expected temperatures in the Southeast, mid South, and Plains could go above 110 degrees. The NWS warns that heat values considering humidity may feel like mid 100s in some places. The extreme heat gets worse because warm nighttime temperatures offer minimal relief.

Effects on People’s Lives

Different safety measures are taking place as high temperatures persist. In Baltimore, an “intense heat alert” is issued while cooling centres have been set up in cities like New York and Philadelphia for residents without air conditioning to avoid health hazards from prolonged exposure to intense heat.

  • Baltimore has issued an “intense heat alert.”
  • Cooling centres have been established in New York City and Philadelphia.
  • There are concerns about mental health issues related to extreme heat.

Cooler weather may come to the Northeast thanks to predicted thunderstorms. But, heat will continue in the south making the midAtlantic region another hotspot with possible record breaking temperatures.

Midwest Flooding

While the East Coast faces extreme heat, regions of the Midwest struggle with disastrous flooding. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds declared a state of emergency in 21 counties following unprecedented flooding. South Dakota’s Governor, Kristi Noem, also declared a state of emergency after receiving up to 18 inches of rain.

  • Iowa declared a disaster emergency in 21 counties due to severe flooding.
  • South Dakota encountered up to 18 inches of precipitation leading to an emergency declaration.
  • Sioux Falls residents in South Dakota are encouraged to save water.

In Rock Valley City, Iowa there are evacuation orders following a levee breach. At Spencer, Iowa, rainfall caused sewer plant failure and led to usage restrictions on water.

Heat Wave Swamps West Coast

The West Coast is likewise undergoing intense heat with California, Arizona, and Utah facing high temperatures. Heat advisories have been issued for these states while California fire fighters confront wildfires exacerbated by the scorching temperature.

  • California, Arizona, and Utah are under heat warnings.
  • Temperatures could rise as much as 1015 degrees above normal.
  • Above 89,700 acres are affected by wildfires in California’s unusually active fire season.

In view of exceptionally hot and dry weather conditions these states also face an increased risk from grass fires. Residents are reminded to keep hydrated practice safe behaviours during the peak daylight hours when heat is highest.

Heat Wave Impact Worldwide

Countries outside the U.S are also undergoing the heat wave. In Saudi Arabia, over 1,300 people died during the Hajj pilgrimage with temperatures reaching as high as 120 degrees. The majority of these pilgrims were from Egypt, Indonesia, and India.

  • During the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, temperatures rose to 120 degrees.
  • The heat led to the death of over 1,300 pilgrims primarily from Egypt, Indonesia and India.
  • Additionally dozens of deaths are being reported from other countries due to the heat.

As authorities continue to focus on keeping folks cool and hydrated due to the prolonged nature of this heat wave they reinforce serious health hazards. Residents in affected areas should take all necessary steps for their safety.


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