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Photo credit: MacRumors

iPhone 16: Unified Power, AI Upgrades, and Bold New Features

I’m a self-confessed iPhone enthusiast. My love for carrying the latest iPhone model drives me to select the biggest and best every year, which is why the Pro Max models have been my go-to. However, this year’s upcoming iPhone 16 might change my usual preference. Although the iPhone 16 Pro models are rumored to feature exclusive upgrades like larger displays and a 48MP ultrawide camera, the regular iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus are promising some notable advancements, making them highly appealing even to those who usually opt for the Pro series.

Uniform Processor Power Across the Board

In a significant shift from the previous year, all four models of the iPhone 16 will reportedly be powered by Apple’s new A18 chip. Last year’s iPhone 15 series had a silicon split, with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus equipped with the A16 Bionic, and the Pro versions boasting the A17 Pro. According to MacRumors, Apple’s backend code suggests that all new iPhone 16 models will carry the same A-series chip, indicating a uniform processor power across the lineup. This could be a game-changer, offering the latest and greatest Apple silicon without the usual hierarchy of hand-me-down chips. Benchmark leaks for the iPhone 16 further bolster the anticipation, showing very promising performance stats.

Photo credit: Apple

Apple Intelligence for All

The new series will also democratize access to Apple Intelligence, Apple’s AI initiative. This means that even without opting for a Pro model, users of the regular iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus can enjoy advanced AI features. These include a more conversational Siri, Genmoji for creating custom emojis on the fly, and Image Playground for AI-generated images. Other perks include a Clean Up tool for photo editing, automatic transcription in voice notes, and AI Rewriting tools. While these features will also be available on the iPhone 16 Pro models, their inclusion in the non-Pro models marks a significant upgrade from the iPhone 15 series, where only the Pro variants received such capabilities.

Innovative Design Changes

The iPhone 16 series will sport some notable design updates. Borrowing from the iPhone 15 Pro series, the new models will feature an Action button, enabling various shortcuts with a single touch—from launching apps to setting timers and translating languages. Additionally, a new Capture button is expected to simplify access to the camera, enhancing the photo and video-taking experience. These design innovations are anticipated across both the regular and Pro models.

Speedier Connectivity

The entire iPhone 16 lineup is tipped to include Wi-Fi 7 connectivity. This new standard promises speeds up to four times faster than Wi-Fi 6 and reduced latency. Wi-Fi 7 routers can handle multiple devices simultaneously without significant congestion, which is a boon for households with many connected gadgets. This upgrade ensures that all models, regardless of their tier, can benefit from faster and more reliable internet connections.

Enhanced Battery Technology

One of the most exciting prospects for the iPhone 16 series is the rumored introduction of an all-new battery design. Reports indicate that the new models could feature a metal-cased battery, replacing the current foil casing. This change could improve thermal management, addressing overheating issues that have plagued past models. Moreover, the new battery design might incorporate electrically induced adhesive debonding technology, simplifying the battery replacement process. This innovation would allow users to replace their batteries more easily, potentially prolonging the device’s lifespan. While this new battery technology might not be available in all iPhone 16 models, it’s expected to be a standard feature in the iPhone 17 series.

Spatial-Video Capability

The iPhone 16 series is also rumored to introduce vertical camera orientation, enabling 3D spatial video capture. This feature, previously available only on the Vision Pro headset, will allow users to capture immersive footage that can be viewed on compatible headsets like the Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3. Spatial video offers a unique, immersive experience, making it feel as though you were present at the recorded event. This enhancement could revolutionize the way we capture and relive memories.

Future-Proofing with Easy Battery Replacement

Apple’s new battery technology aligns with the EU’s requirements for customer-friendly battery replacement. The EU mandates easier battery access if the cell doesn’t reach 83% capacity after 500 charges or 80% after 1,000 charges. This regulation ensures that phones can be more durable and user-friendly. By making battery replacement easier, Apple is not only complying with these regulations but also sending a strong message about the longevity and sustainability of its devices.


The iPhone 16 series represents a significant step forward in terms of uniform processor power, advanced AI features, innovative design changes, faster connectivity, and enhanced battery technology. These improvements make the regular iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus highly competitive with their Pro counterparts, offering users a compelling reason to consider them. Whether it’s the powerful A18 chip, the accessibility of Apple Intelligence, or the promise of a longer-lasting battery, the iPhone 16 series is shaping up to be an impressive lineup that could redefine user expectations and preferences.

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