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July Fourth 2024 Travel Forecast and Tips

The celebration of Independence Day or July Fourth is one of the peak travel seasons in the US, including Michigan. Regardless of the holiday occurring on a Thursday, a historic high number of travelers are projected to congest the roads and airports. Here’s an extensive guide to assist you through the 2024 July Fourth travel bustle.

Projected Traveller Numbers

A forecast from AAA projects that 70.9 million people across America, including 2.6 million from Michigan, will travel at least 50 miles from their homes between June 29 and July 7, during the July Fourth extended holiday period. This spans nine days instead of just one weekend, as was customary in previous years.

In Michigan, road travel is slated to set new records for two years in a row, outpacing pre-COVID-19 levels. By comparison, only around 1.7 million residents of Michigan traveled during the Independence Day holidays back in 2019.

Best Times for Travel

To stay clear of heavy traffic congestion, AAA recommends that you start your journey early in the morning, especially on July eighth, while consciously avoiding all rush hours. According to transportation data provider INRIX, these are considered good times for traveling:

  • July 1: Almost no traffic is expected
  • July 2: After seven at night
  • July 3-4: Before noon
  • July 5-6: Before ten in the morning
  • July 8: After seven at night

The worst times to hit the road are between two and seven in the evening, with the highest volume expected on the third and seventh, as many travelers begin and finish their vacations, respectively. The most crowded times include:

  • July 2: 2-6 in the afternoon
  • July 3-4: 2-7 in the evening
  • July 5: 11 in the morning till four in the afternoon
  • July 6: From half past ten in the morning till half past two
  • July 7: Between two and eight in the evening
  • July 8: Between one to five in the afternoon

In Detroit, severe traffic congestion is expected primarily on West Interstate 94 between Toronto and Detroit at around three-thirty in the afternoon on July eighth, with travel time anticipated to be around five hours and thirty-five minutes, almost one-third longer than usual.

Predicted Weather Conditions

The weather prediction, although liable to change, currently suggests that Detroit might experience highs of upper seventies to mid-eighties, sunny skies most of the time, coupled with low to medium humidity. There is, however, a possibility of thunderstorms on July Fourth. A very high UV Index is also predicted between the first and sixth of July, necessitating the use of sunscreen and other sun protection means.

In Traverse City and Mackinac Island, a mix of sun and clouds with periodic thunderstorms has been predicted for most parts of that week, followed by rains. Traverse City temperatures will range from mid-seventies to mid-eighties, while Mackinac Island’s will be mostly around seventy degrees.

Guesstimate Gasoline Cost

Average gas prices across the United States are now around $3.44 per gallon, which is cheaper than last year, while they averaged $3.62 per gallon during May this year in Michigan, which was more expensive than last Independence Day’s average. Nonetheless, a recent decrease indicates that prices may equate to those seen last Independence Day.

Guidelines for Safe Travelling

AAA and baby products brand Chicco suggest the following steps to ensure a safe and comfortable journey during this busy travel period, especially for small children and their families:

  • Verify Car Seat Installation: It’s important to make sure that the children’s car seats are installed correctly.
  • Tighten Loose Items: Avoid potential dangers by firmly securing all loose items inside the car.
  • Roadside Emergency Prep: Be prepared for all trouble or emergencies.
  • Plan Your Route: Pre-plan your travel route.
  • Pack Entertainment Options: Keep many options ready to keep kids occupied during the long drive.

If you stick to these needful guidelines, your journey over the July Fourth stressful traveling days can be made a lot more secure, comfortable, and thereby enjoyable.

Jonas Muthoni
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