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Arrests in London: Preventing a Planned Disruption at the London Stock Exchange by Pro-Palestine Activists

On Sunday, a big move by the London police ended with them cuffing six people tied to the group Palestine Action. This was one piece of a bigger puzzle as they looked into a suspected scheme to mess up how things run at the London Stock Exchange. This all happens against the ongoing scrap between Israel and Hamas, kicking off another chapter in the protests that have been popping up in London ever since the fight started.

Details of the Planned Protest

The group targeted the LSE to start their protest on Monday morning. They planned to chain themselves to the doors of the LSE, thereby preventing access to the building and ultimately disrupting trading activities. The details of this plot were uncovered by The Daily Express through an undercover investigation into the meetings of Palestine Action.

Key Elements of the Protest Plan:

  • Chaining necks to the doors of the LSE.
  • Using red paint-filled fire extinguishers and “money guns” to shoot fake bank notes around the stock exchange.
  • The overall aim was to inflict financial losses on U.K. companies engaged in business with the Israel Defense Force.

Arrests and Police Response

The arrest of these six activists was a significant development, considering the potential impact of their actions. Three individuals were apprehended in Liverpool, two in London, and one in Brighton. Detective Superintendent Sian Thomas of the Metropolitan Police expressed gratitude to The Daily Express for their critical role in uncovering the plot.

Locations of Arrests: Three in Liverpool. Two in London. One in Brighton. The Metropolitan Police Force remains vigilant, anticipating possible disruptions throughout the week and coordinating responses accordingly.

Impact and Reactions

The London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) did not immediately comment on the situation. However, the police emphasized the gravity of the situation, noting that the stunt could have had serious implications if successful. Meanwhile, the Palestine Action group remains undeterred, as expressed in a statement on X (formerly known as Twitter). They emphasized their campaign against Israel’s weapons trade and Britain’s complicity in the colonization of Palestine.

  • Palestine Action’s Statement: Continued campaign against Israel’s weapons trade. Criticism of Britain’s role in the colonization of Palestine.

Several members of Palestine Action have faced legal action in recent months. In December, eight activists were acquitted of charges including criminal damage and burglary. However, the group’s founder, Richard Barnard, was convicted of criminal damage for his involvement in action against an Elbit Ferranti factory in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

  • Legal Actions Against Palestine Action: Acquittal of eight activists in December. Conviction of the group’s founder, Richard Barnard.

Broader Implications of the Incident

Recent arrests in London underline the city’s increased vigilance and also reveal how global conflicts can affect local areas. The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas has stirred up controversy worldwide, causing different groups to respond in various ways. The trouble at the London Stock Exchange serves as a clear sign that international matters can turn into domestic problems without warning.

Global Conflicts and Local Reactions

  • Increased Protests: Recently, London saw huge crowds demanding an end to the fighting in Gaza since the battle between Israel and Hamas started.
  • Varied Views: This situation highlights how international battles can stir up strong emotions and different thoughts among people here at home.
  • Safety Concerns: The planned chaos at the LSE was a real danger to everyone’s safety, which shows why keeping a close eye on things by the police is crucial.


This incident at the London Stock Exchange highlights the ongoing tensions and the impact of international conflicts on local communities. The police’s swift action in preventing this disruption underscores the seriousness with which such plots are treated. As the situation develops, further updates are expected. For more information, visit the CNBC.

Jonas Muthoni
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