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Louis Vuitton Welcomes Felix from Stray Kids as its Newest House Ambassador

Louis Vuitton, the eminent French luxury House, has recently made an announcement that will undoubtedly resonate with fashion enthusiasts and K-pop aficionados alike. Stray Kids’ band member, Felix, recognized both for his vocal prowess and unique fashion statement, has been officially appointed as the new House ambassador for the brand. This move signifies the burgeoning relationship between the world of K-pop and luxury fashion, with K-pop stars continually finding their foothold in prestigious fashion campaigns.

Unveiling the Ambassadorship

Marking a monumental moment, Louis Vuitton officially declared the news of their association with Felix on their Twitter handle. The tweet read, “Felix for Louis Vuitton. The Maison is pleased to welcome the Stray Kids band member as House Ambassador.” The announcement was accompanied by a series of images shared on Instagram, spotlighting Felix donning a chic all-black ensemble comprising denim, leather, and PVC. The brand’s caption reinforced their excitement, describing Felix as a powerhouse of “unique creative energy” ready to embark on this thrilling journey.

A Journey From the Start

Felix’s association with Louis Vuitton isn’t a recent phenomenon. He has showcased his fondness for the brand since the inception of his career. Whether it was his attendance at the brand’s Pre-Fall 2023 Womenswear show in Seoul or his notable appearance at the Cruise 2024 show situated in Italy’s scenic Isola Bella, Felix has been draped in Louis Vuitton, epitomizing sheer elegance. Moreover, during the band’s sensational Lollapalooza performance in Paris, Felix was impeccably dressed by LV, further cementing their association.

Nicolas Ghesquière Expresses His Admiration

Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton’s revered Artistic Director of Women’s Collections, has expressed his elation over Felix joining their ambassadorial ranks. Reminiscing about their first meeting, he said, “I discovered Felix when I presented my Prefall collection in Seoul. It instantly clicked between us. He is really talented. I love his energy, his unique personality, and his audacious sense of style.”

K-pop’s Steady Ascent in the Fashion World

This collaboration reiterates the growing ties between K-pop and luxury fashion. The industry has witnessed notable partnerships like BTS’ J-Hope collaborating with LV and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo associating with Dior. In addition, Felix’s appointment follows his tenure at Versace earlier this year, reinforcing the trend of K-pop celebrities embracing global luxury brands.

  • Brand Collaborations: Stray Kids’ Hyunjin was also named the global brand ambassador for Versace on July 20, indicating a surge in K-pop idols securing international fashion deals.
  • Recognition Beyond Music: Felix’s new role accentuates the diversification of K-pop artists from just musical prodigies to international fashion icons.


In conclusion, as the boundaries between music, culture, and fashion continue to blur, industry onlookers can certainly anticipate more such groundbreaking collaborations in the future. With the evolving fashion landscape, the intersectionality between music and luxury brands is expected to intensify. The influence of musicians, particularly K-pop artists, is gradually overshadowing traditional models in dictating fashion trends. This harmonious blend of music and fashion serves as a testament to how global tastes are changing, reshaping consumer expectations and leading brands towards innovative avenues of collaboration.

Ashley Waithira
Ashley excels in different creative tasks and collaborates well with teams. She studied communications, allowing her to turn ideas into engaging stories for brands using innovative methods and data. As a young individual, she's excellent with social media. Ashley is dedicated, focuses on the details, and keeps things organized. She also loves Beyoncé.