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MakeMyTrip Capitalizes on Cricket Frenzy with “Tested by Fans” Campaign

MakeMyTrip, India’s leading online travel company, has launched an innovative campaign named “Tested by Fans”. This campaign sees cricket superfans from around the globe reviewing the quality and hospitality standards of MakeMyTrip’s array of homestays and villas.


With India set to host a major cricket season, a surge in demand for accommodations is expected. The hotels and guesthouses are anticipated to be fully booked, leading to skyrocketed prices. In light of this, MakeMyTrip’s “Tested by Fans” campaign aims to position homestays and villas as the go-to accommodation choice. Key highlights of the campaign:

  • Initial outreach via print media.
  • Extension to digital platforms with a series of 3 films.
  • Features real-life cricket superfans instead of mainstream celebrities.
  • Films are widely promoted across all MakeMyTrip social media channels.

Strategic Approach

With hotels running out of inventory due to the cricket season, MakeMyTrip identified an opportunity to enhance its homestay and villa offerings. Raj Rishi Singh, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Business Officer – Corporate, MakeMyTrip, remarked, “The fever pitch around cricket gave us an optimal opportunity to showcase the meticulous quality check mechanisms MakeMyTrip has put in place for our alternate accommodations category. We always approach business from a problem-solving mindset.”

The idea was to highlight the experiences of genuine globetrotters, the cricket superfans, who share an equal passion for travel and cricket. Singh added, “Who better to communicate this than our cricket superfans?”

Superfans at the Forefront

Highlighting the unique approach, the campaign has roped in renowned cricket superfans like Sudhir Chaudhary, Saravanan Hari, Sugumar, Gayan Senanayaka, and Shoaib ‘Tiger’ Bukhari. These superfans, with their extensive travel experiences, provide assessments based on pricing, service quality, and space.

Ankit Pathak, Creative Lead at Enormous Brands, played a pivotal role in shaping the campaign. “Our big AHA moment happened when the superfans told us that this is the first time they’re being brought together on such a big scale,” said Pathak.

Addressing the Hospitality Challenge

One of the recurrent issues travelers face is the disparity between their expectations and the actual hospitality standards, especially in the homestays segment. By involving superfans, MakeMyTrip ensures that accommodations undergo rigorous quality checks, thereby establishing trust amongst potential customers.

The campaign’s decision to feature actual superfans rather than mainstream celebrities or cricketers offers a fresh perspective, making it distinctive in a highly competitive advertising environment.

Expansion and Outreach

The campaign, which began its journey with print media, has successfully expanded its reach through a series of films. These films, portraying the superfans’ experiences with MakeMyTrip homestays, are now garnering attention on all of MakeMyTrip’s social media channels. Viewers can access the films and learn more about the campaign on MakeMyTrip’s official YouTube channel.

Looking Forward

The success of the “Tested by Fans” initiative is likely to pave the way for similar campaigns that fuse consumer interests with real-world experiences. The travel industry, in particular, can greatly benefit from such collaborative efforts, emphasizing authenticity and trust in their services.

Moreover, the inclusion of superfans emphasizes the democratization of brand endorsements, signaling a shift from high-profile celebrities to real, relatable figures. This could herald a new era in advertising where the focus shifts to genuine user experiences rather than scripted endorsements.


MakeMyTrip’s “Tested by Fans” campaign aptly leverages the cricket fervor in India. By addressing genuine travel-related issues and providing viable solutions, the campaign is poised to reshape perceptions about homestays and villas, making them a preferred choice for travelers during the cricket season. With the sports industry and travel sector converging through such innovative campaigns, it exemplifies how businesses can adapt to emerging trends and consumer needs. The game of cricket, deeply rooted in India’s cultural fabric, offers an unprecedented platform for businesses to connect with their audience.

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