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Max Mara in Venice, Combining Traditional 

In the world of fashion where subdued elegance is currently trending, Max Mara’s creative leader, Ian Griffiths, boldly presented a celebratory collection in Venice. This exhibition was strongly influenced by Marco Polo and the rich history of Venice. This marked an important variation from the brand’s typical focus on minimalist sophistication.

The Location and Collection

The resort collection was showcased under the arches of the Palazzo Ducale with views of St Mark’s Square. This location was great for displaying luxurious textured materials and complex design elements. Apart from prominent camel tones which are part of Max Mara’s signature style, there were sequins, decorative woven fabrics, and gleaming jacquard silks reflecting Fortuny fabric luxury.

  • The show commemorated 700 years since Marco Polo’s death.
  • It recognised Venice as a centre for cultural exchange and luxury.

A Look into Griffiths’ Ideas

Griffiths insisted that this collection offers more than just costumes – it’s a contemporary wardrobe. “The quiet luxury trend has reached such heights it’s deafening,” he made clear. He also questioned how quiet head to toe camel outfits can be? References from history were embedded into modern designs including tiny embroidered dresses with straight cut patterns, professionally tailored pieces, and heavy knitted styles.

Critical parts included,

  • Shirts designed with athletic style necklines.
  • Premium belts with woven tassels reflecting Venetian art.
  • Conventional long camel coats.

Celebrity Attendance

There were several famous people at the event, including Brie Larson, Kate Hudson, and Yara Shahidi. Larson, noted for her distinctive style, wore a pinstripe tank top along with shorts with few accessories. She was seen joining Hudson and Shahidi who also got into the stylish spirit of the event.

Brie Larson’s Style Transformation

Larson displayed a different side of her style at Max Mara’s show in Venice by choosing high rise shorts paired with a strappy tank top. She kept her accessories minimal which left all focus on her outfit.She was seen elsewhere in Los Angeles attending an event dressed in Prada, showing off her ability to mix up her fashion choices.

Important features of Larson’s outfits are,

  • High Rise shorts paired with strappy tank tops for the Venice show.
  • Pulled on a Prada knit top and long skirt for a Los Angeles event

The Classic Appeal of Max Mara

In his 37 years at Max Mara, Griffiths is still keen on attracting younger audiences. He teamed up with a textile graduate, recreating prints from his 1985 journal. He also got to work with milliner Stephen Jones, something he always wanted to do. Griffiths insists it’s important to create timeless yet still trendy fashion items. “It’s important to keep up with trends but what if you don’t fit them?” he asked.”If your product remains relevant whether it fits current trends or not then that means you’re doing well.”

The luxury brand show hosted by Max Mara was part of an exciting week laden with celebrity appearances and special events. Julia Louis Dreyfus and Seth Meyers worked on a project in New York while Natalie Portman was present at a Dior event in Tokyo. The Summer Carnival World Tour of Pink restarted in Cardiff, Meghan Trainor.


When it comes to concluding the Max Mara luxurious show in Venice insight into the brand’s ability to incorporate historical references into modern fashion items became clear Griffiths’ vision of producing timeless yet relevant clothing pieces echoed supporters and fashion lovers alike. Max Mara, through this event, conveyed its commitment to growth while maintaining its foundational values hence drawing both loyal fans and newer generation enthusiasts.

Jonas Muthoni
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