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McDonald’s and Crocs Collaborate on Unique Footwear Collection

McDonald’s, a global leader in the fast-food industry, has recently announced an exciting collaboration with Crocs, a popular footwear brand known for its unique foam clogs. This partnership marks a significant step for both companies as they venture into a new realm of fashion and branding.

Exclusive McDonald’s Themed Crocs Collection

Starting November 14, a limited edition of McDonald ’s-inspired Crocs will be available for purchase. This collection features vibrant and playful designs based on iconic McDonald’s characters and meals, adding a fun twist to the classic Crocs.

Grimace-Inspired Sandal Crocs

  • Design: The collection includes the Grimace “Cozzzy” sandal Crocs, inspired by the McDonald’s character Grimace, known for his purple hue and friendly demeanor. Features: These sandals feature straps adorned with mouth and eye Jibbitz, representing Grimace’s friendly expressions.

Birdie and Classic Clog Crocs

  • Design: Another highlight is the Birdie and Crocs classic clog, showcasing vibrant yellow and pink colors, reminiscent of Birdie the Early Bird. Details: The Jibbitz on this pair includes an Egg McMuffin design, and the matching socks feature Birdie’s face.

Hamburglar Themed Crocs

  • Design: For Hamburglar fans, the collection presents classic clog Crocs in black and white stripes, complete with hamburger Jibbitz and a charm of the Hamburglar himself. Complementary Socks: These come with socks matching the color scheme and are stamped with cartoon burgers.

Classic McDonald’s Style Crocs

Design: The collection also includes a classic red pair of Crocs, embodying the traditional McDonald’s style with charms shaped like fries, Big Macs, and McNuggets. The pricing for these unique shoes with Jibbitz ranges between $70 and $75, while the creatively designed socks are priced at $20 each.

McDonald’s Character Resurgence and Crocs Collaborations

McDonald’s characters, particularly Grimace, have seen a resurgence in popularity, highlighted by the Grimace Birthday Meal released earlier this year. This meal included a mysterious purple milkshake, stirring curiosity and delight among fans. Crocs, on the other hand, has a history of engaging in various collaborations. Beyond the McDonald’s partnership, Crocs has worked with brands like Taco Bell, Vera Bradley, and 7-Eleven, consistently bringing innovation and excitement to its product line.

Previous Collaborations and Crocs’ Strategy

Diverse Partnerships: Crocs’ past collaborations include unique themes like Shrek, Lightning McQueen, and even Croc cowboy boots, showcasing the brand’s willingness to experiment and cater to diverse tastes. Brand Positioning: According to Neil Saunders, a retail analyst, these quirky partnerships help keep Crocs relevant and interesting to consumers.

Impact and Availability of the Collaboration

The McDonald’s x Crocs collection has generated significant buzz on social media, with fans eagerly anticipating its release. The products are available on, at Crocs retail locations, and select wholesale partners, but only while supplies last. Marketing Strategy: Both McDonald’s and Crocs have capitalized on this collaboration to tap into current trends and generate social media buzz, reinforcing their brand presence among consumers. Sales Figures: Crocs reported selling 29 million pairs in the third quarter, indicating a strong market presence and consumer interest.

Customer Engagement and Response

The launch of the McDonald’s x Crocs collection has seen an enthusiastic response from consumers worldwide. Social media platforms are abuzz with discussions and reviews of the unique footwear, reflecting the successful impact of this collaboration on brand engagement.

Impact on Social Media

Viral Trends: The collection has quickly become a part of viral trends, with many social media users sharing their purchases and styling the Crocs in creative ways. Consumer Reviews: Positive reviews highlight the comfort and distinctive design of the Crocs, while the fun and nostalgic element of McDonald’s branding adds an extra layer of appeal.


This collaboration between McDonald’s and Crocs represents a unique intersection of fast food and fashion, offering fans a playful and distinctive way to showcase their love for these iconic brands. The limited-edition collection, available for a short time, is expected to draw significant attention and sales, further solidifying the innovative approach of both McDonald’s and Crocs in their respective industries. For more information and to view the collection, visit the official Crocs website.

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