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Milan Fashion Week AW24

The Autumn/Winter 2024 Milan Fashion Week was a blend of history and modernity, displaying fashion that honored tradition yet embraced progress. The event brought together top designers from around the world to share their latest creations, uniting signature styles with fresh, creative designs.

Fendi: A Modern Take on Roman Chic

Fendi, led by Kim Jones, looked back at its roots to craft a line that was both contemporary and true to its Roman origins. Nicknamed “Roman chic,” this collection was influenced by the New Romantics and the Blitz Kids—groups celebrated for their glitzy, gender-blurring fashion—as well as the pioneering designs of Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto. Despite being briefly disrupted by a PETA activist, the show continued without a hitch.

Max Mara, under the creative vision of Ian Griffiths, presented a collection that focused on silhouette and construction. Drawing inspiration from the French author Colette, known for her spare and mannish attire, Griffiths explored a predominantly muted color scheme. The emphasis on the waist with belts atop coats and knits wrapped tightly around the body showcased a collection that was both sophisticated and liberating, proving simplicity’s power in conveying elegance.

Prada: A Dialogue with History

Prada‘s co-creative directors, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, presented a collection that balanced feminine grace with boldness. Prim knits, cardigans, and dresses adorned with ribbons and flow

Visitors saw moto leather jackets mixed with unique skirt-suits at Prada, creating a contrast that highlighted the brand’s knack for innovation. The collection included unusual hats and creatively styled bags, emphasizing Prada’s commitment to inventiveness while honoring classic beauty.

Moschino: Playful Rebellion

Moschino‘s new creative director, Adrian Appiolaza, made an impressive first impression with his playful designs. His use of optical illusion tops, extra-large trench coats, and dresses decorated with peace signs paid tribute to Franco Moschino’s legacy. Appiolaza brought a fresh take on Moschino’s fun and rebellious nature, staying true to what the brand stands for.

Diesel: Democratising Fashion

Diesel, under Glenn Martens, continues to change the game by making its fashion show available for everyone through live streaming. Focusing on denim, the collection featured new and original treatments that g

Jeans, trenches, and coats were given a rugged, worn look. Martens’ designs showcased the brand’s energetic take on fashion, mixing a city vibe with handy adaptability.

Emporio Armani: A Celebration of Joy

The Emporio Armani show was full of life, with models spinning on the runway surrounded by artificial snow. This performance was Giorgio Armani’s idea of combining comfort with flair. The clothes featured fun shapes, a Bohemian vibe, and stars on dark velvet. This brought out a playful yet elegant feeling that fits the brand’s image for younger audiences.

Celebrity Influence and the Future of Fashion

Famous faces such as Emma Watson, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Hunter Schafer attended the event, highlighting the strong connection between fashion, culture, and celebrities. As Milan Fashion Week AW24 wraps up, it leaves behind trends that blend creativity and vision.

Milan Fashion Week AW24 went beyond displaying new styles. It celebrated fashion’s rich history and hinted at the emerging stories that will shape its future.


To sum up, this event wasn’t just about the latest looks. It showcased fashion as a powerful force that connects history with today’s world, expresses who we are, and brings beauty to our ever-changing lives. Brands like Fendi, Max Mara, Prada, and more showed that luxury fashion thrives on reinvention without forgetting its past. Each design they presented was a tale of enduring grace and inventive daring.