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New York Fashion Week 2024

The 2024 New York Fashion Week is over, and it has left us with a bunch of new designs and reimagined ways to dress. Designers spread out across Manhattan and Brooklyn showed off their unique styles, breathing new life into old ideas and shaking up what we expect from fashion.

Innovative Twists on Traditional Attire

At the fashion week, creativity took center stage. Peter Do made waves in his second round at Helmut Lang with protective fashion like silk bubble wrap pants and knitted masks paired with smart suits. By blending the practical with fancy, Do points to a trend where clothes are both great-looking and useful.

Collina Strada turned sports clothes magical, giving gym gear a feminine spin. With recycled materials and plant-based UGG boots, the brand reshaped how we see sporty outfits, showing that you can be strong and girly at the same time.

Reimagining American Classics

Fashion giants like Tommy Hilfiger and Chavarria took another look at American styles. Hilfiger threw some newness into his 90s classic looks with big tweed coats and varsity jackets. Chavarria blended sharp suit styles with Chicano culture, creating an all-new version of American power dressing that’s both structured and flowy.

Prabal Gurung’s designs were a standout tribute to his Nepalese background. Bright saffron and red colors mixed with detailed golden stitching showed a powerful respect for his roots and brought together tradition with today’s style in a bold expression of identity.

Ludovic de Saint Sernin: A Study in Gender Fluidity

Paris-based designer Ludovic de Saint Sernin showcased something special with his exploration of gender-neutral fashion. The designer’s knack for mixing masculine and feminine elements broke down barriers, creating a line of clothing that anyone could wear no matter their gender.

Ludovic de Saint Sernin: A Bold Start

Ludovic de Saint Sernin made quite an entrance at his first New York Fashion Week. Taking cues from Robert Mapplethorpe’s edgy art, his designs featured a mix of soft floral decorations and tough leather straps. He shook up old ideas about who should wear what, celebrating a world where fashion mixes up identities.

Khaite: Ambition vs. Originality

Under Catherine Holstein, Khaite has become a shining example of American style. However, its latest looks have folks talking about whether the designs are truly fresh. It’s clear that Khaite is ambitious, but some wonder if the designs are just old ideas in new clothes – a puzzle for those thinking about the line between copying and creating in the world of high fashion.

The Super Bowl’s Stylish Showdown

The Super Bowl came out of left field, taking on New York Fashion Week in terms of style. Big-brand hookups and stars like Taylor Swift dating Travis Kelce turned heads, showing how tightly sports, entertainment, and dressing up are tied together. This year’s game showed us that fashion is bigger than just runway shows; it’s part of the big dreams and big games that grab everyone’s attention.

Looking Ahead

New York Fashion Week 2024 has laid the groundwork for a year of daring changes and fresh thinking in the fashion world. Designers are ready to flip the script and give old styles a makeover as they eye a future where fashion welcomes everyone. This week wasn’t just about spotting the next big trend; it was time to think hard about how we use our clothes to tell the world who we are, what we stand for, and how we fit into this big, changing planet.


Jonas Muthoni
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