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NJ Transit Proposes First Fare Hike in Nearly a Decade

NJ Transit is bumping up its fares by 15% from July 1, 2024. This decision has got people talking, with riders and public transportation supporters showing various reactions. It’s the first hike in nearly a decade and aims to tackle a big money problem; they’re $119 million in the hole. Even after cutting costs, they’re still short by $106 million. The new Fare Structure to Address Budget Shortfall.

Key Details of the Proposal:

  • The first increase of 15% in fares is planned for July 1, 2024. 
  • After that, fares will go up by 3% every year starting on July 1, and there’s no set end date for these hikes.
  • NJ Transit has made $44 million in cuts to the Fiscal Year 2025 budget, but assures no reduction in service levels.

Impact on Commuters

For regular commuters, the proposed fare hike translates to a substantial increase in daily travel costs. For instance, a bus ticket from Toms River to Manhattan would jump to $24.40, up by $3.15. Similarly, a train ticket from Princeton Junction would increase to $18.40, marking a $2.40 rise.

Public Response and Criticism

The proposal has drawn immediate criticism from passengers and public transit advocates. Many express concern over the strain this increase places on families already grappling with high living costs. Despite the necessity of the hike, the timing and size have been questioned, especially given the current economic climate.

Examples of Commuter Reactions:

  • Commuters like Modiha Bhatti, who faces an additional $50 to $80 on monthly commuting costs, feel cornered with no affordable alternatives.
  • Other commuters express dissatisfaction with service levels, feeling the increased fares do not equate to improved services.

MTA Chairman’s Remarks and NJ Transit’s Defense

MTA Chairman Janno Lieber has thrown shade at New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy for not properly fixing NJ Transit’s money problems. In response, NJ Transit emphasizes the universal challenge of reduced ridership and depleted federal COVID relief funds, and the necessity to manage mandatory costs.

Fare Hike Consequences

Even with the upcoming fare increases, NJ Transit is still short $767 million for next year’s budget. This big deficit shows just how tough it is for transit groups to deal with financial issues after the pandemic.

Looking Ahead

While the fare increase proposal is poised to pass, with public hearings scheduled for community input, it underscores the need for sustainable funding solutions for public transit systems. Advocates and officials alike are calling for more permanent resolutions to prevent similar situations in the future.


All in all, NJ Transit’s plan to raise ticket prices is getting a lot of attention. It brings up serious questions about how we’ll pay for public transport in the future and how to keep it both top-notch and affordable for people who take the train or bus.


Jonas Muthoni
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