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Google Pixel Watch 3 and Pixel Buds Pro 2

The world of technology is always looking ahead, and Google’s gearing up to launch the Pixel Watch 3 and the second generation of Pixel Buds Pro. Fans and buyers are eager to see what these new products will look like. We’re going to explore what we might see in these gadgets based on the buzz from insiders, user reviews, and what’s hot in tech right now.

Google Pixel Watch 3, Aiming for More Custom Options and Toughness

The previous Pixel Watch made some solid steps forward, but there’s still plenty to improve. We expect the Pixel Watch 3 will bring,

  • Better Glass- The earlier models had some issues with the screen glass breaking easily. The new watch should have tougher glass, which would make customers happier.
  • Device Durability- The gadget may get a bit heavier and pricier to make it tougher. This change is quite needed as it will help the device last longer.
  • Size Variations-  Google might roll out a larger 45mm model along with the usual 41mm. Taking hints from what users said, this move aims to please more people by giving them a choice in wrist fit, display size, and battery longevity.
  • Vibrant Colorways- We could see some new hues for the Pixel Watch 3. The watch might borrow colors like Rose and Bay Blue from the Pixel phones, and Oh So Orange might make a comeback too. These fresh paint jobs would appeal to folks who want gadgets that reflect their style.

Safety Signal Without Extra Cost

The previous edition included Safety Signal, letting you use emergency call features without needing a separate plan. It’s believed that the Pixel Watch 3 will continue this perk, possibly even enhancing it.

  • Google might offer this cool feature at no cost for people who buy their smartwatches with a cellular connection, which could really shake things up in the world of smartwatches.
  • Better GPS Precision, Since the Pixel Watch 2 had some GPS hiccups, people are looking forward to a better GPS that’ll help them track their fitness stuff and find their way around more easily.

Pixel Buds Pro 2, Stepping Up the Sound Game

The first Pixel Buds Pro were great, and the next version, the Pixel Buds Pro 2, are expected to be even better. Not much is out there yet, but folks think we might see,

  • Smarter Noise Blocking, The new buds might have better active noise cancelation using AI to give you an even better bubble of sound.
  • Cooler AI Stuff, Google’s pretty sharp with AI, so the Pixel Buds Pro 2 could have some new tricks that make them super easy to use.

When’s Everything Happening?

So, when can we expect to see all these new gadgets? Stay tuned, as more information will surely pop up soon. Be on the lookout for leaks and announcements to snatch up those hot details!


We can expect the Pixel Watch 3 to show up in fall 2024. It’ll probably arrive with the buzzedabout Pixel 9. This follows Google’s habit of releasing its wearable tech with its toptier smartphones. The new Pixel Buds Pro 2 could drop sooner, maybe during Google’s midyear reveals.

Should You Wait for the Pixel Watch 3?

Thinking about getting a Google watch? Holding out for the Pixel Watch 3 could pay off. It’s tipped to pack some cool upgrades and fresh bells and whistles. If you can’t wait to get your hands on Google tech, the Pixel Watch 2 is still worth a look. It’s loaded with slick health tracking and runs smoothly on Wear OS 4.

Meanwhile, sound buffs and gadget lovers are all eyes for the Pixel Buds Pro 2, these buds might just flip the script on wireless audio. Knowing Google’s knack for shaking things up, the Pixel Buds Pro 2 should be something special. To provide a superior sound experience full of intelligent functionalities.


In the end, with Google getting ready to grow its collection of wearables and sound gadgets with the Pixel Watch 3 and Pixel Buds Pro 2, there’s a lot of excitement in the tech world. Theses nextgen devices aim to take on board what users have said, pack in the latest tech advancements, and help Google keep its spot in the fierce battle of the tech industry.


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