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Prada Group Reports Strong Nine-Month Revenues Amid Global Challenges

Italian luxury fashion heavyweight, Prada Group, announced a significant uptick in its revenues for the first nine months of fiscal 2023. The robust performance in key regions like Asia and Europe played a crucial role, overshadowing some weaker markets, such as the Americas.

Financial Highlights

  • Overall Revenue Growth: Prada Group’s revenues surged by 12 percent to 3.34 billion euros in comparison to 2.97 billion euros from the same period the previous year. At constant exchange rates, this marked a rise of 17 percent.
  • Retail Sales Performance: Retail sales for the nine months amounted to 2.97 billion euros, a 12 percent increase. Concurrently, the wholesale channel reported gains of 4 percent, translating to 291 million euros.
  • Brand-Specific Growth: The main Prada brand saw a 13 percent increase in retail sales. In contrast, the Miu Miu brand experienced a whopping 49 percent surge.
  • Category-Wise Breakdown:
  1. Ready-to-wear: 32 percent growth.
  2. Footwear: 16 percent growth.
  3. Leather goods: 8 percent growth.

Regional Analysis

  • Asia Pacific: Despite previous disruptions, the region reported a 15 percent growth in retail revenues, which translates to 1.04 billion euros. At constant exchange rates, the growth stood at 21 percent.
  • Europe: Sales in this region increased 13 percent, amounting to 941 million euros. This growth was fuelled by both local and tourist demand.
  • Americas: Revenues here were slightly down by 3 percent, equating to 536 million euros. However, a mild improvement was observed in the third quarter relative to the second.
  • Japan: Arguably the star performer, Japan observed a sales spike of 34 percent, leading to revenues of 334 million euros. Primarily driven by local demand, the growth at constant exchange rates was an impressive 47 percent.
  • Middle East: The region held its own with a solid 10 percent increase, generating revenues of 125 million euros.

Leadership’s Perspective

Patrizio Bertelli, Prada Group’s chairman and executive director, expressed satisfaction with the company’s performance. “Our strategy delivered solid growth in the first nine months of 2023, including in the third quarter, notwithstanding the very challenging basis of comparison,” Bertelli remarked. He highlighted the group’s efforts to consolidate its brand desirability and the accelerated investments made in line with their plans.

Andrea Guerra, the chief executive officer, emphasized the company’s solid growth trajectory and its focus on full-price sales. He acknowledged the challenges of an uncertain geopolitical and economic backdrop but maintained optimism about the group’s prospects. “In an uncertain geopolitical and economic backdrop that requires us to stay vigilant, we continue to see positive momentum in the business and strong excitement around our brands, positioning us well for the fourth quarter and vis-à-vis our ambition to deliver solid, sustainable, and above-market growth in 2023,” Guerra stated.

Market Dynamics

The luxury fashion sector has observed some contrasting trends over the past year. While certain markets have seen exponential growth, others have faced headwinds due to varying geopolitical and economic factors. The Americas, for instance, has experienced a slow demand for luxury fashion and accessories, a trend mirrored by some European nations.

However, Prada Group’s performance underscores its resilience against these market challenges. Their growth in regions like the Asia Pacific and Japan has been particularly commendable. The rise in local demand, coupled with innovative marketing strategies, has ensured a robust consumer base in these territories.

Strategic Investments and Brand Consolidation

Prada Group’s commitment to investing in its brand has played a pivotal role in its current success. The company has been proactive in consolidating its brand’s desirability, focusing on both flagship products and emerging lines. The spectacular growth of the Miu Miu brand serves as a testament to this strategy.

Moreover, the group has emphasized the importance of a flexible business model. In rapidly changing market conditions, this flexibility allows the group to pivot its strategies, ensuring that it remains relevant and appealing to its target audience.


In a challenging global market, where many luxury brands are grappling with slowing demand, Prada Group’s impressive performance stands out. The company’s strategic approach, combined with its brand desirability and strong regional growth, positions it well for continued success in the luxury fashion landscape. With a firm eye on the future, Prada Group plans to enhance its innovation and dynamism. Drawing strength from its reinforced organization, the group aims to retain the flexibility that distinguishes its brand in the luxury fashion sector.

For a comprehensive breakdown of Prada Group’s financials, visit the official Prada Group website.

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