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Displaying Togetherness and Creativity at Paris Fashion Week

This year, Rick Owens made a daring move at Paris Fashion Week. His Spring/Summer 2025 collection, “Hollywood,” was showcased at the Palais de Tokyo. The show paid homage to the Los Angeles street where Owens found his distinctive personality and fashion sense. Famous for his sombre, gothic looks, Owens surprised many with a collection promoting unity and universalism.

An Army of Love in White Satin

Owens decided to make his fashion week display public by including students and teachers from various Paris fashion schools. This initiative resulted in a catwalk packed with 200 models, forming what he referred to as a “white satin army of love.” Ten unique looks were featured in the collection, all worn by every model, reinforcing solidarity and shared identity.

  • The show kicked off with Tyrone Dylan Susman, Owen’s long term inspiration, wearing a sculptural chiffon coat.
  • Narrow Loom denim jackets and capes treated in an Italian wash house.
  • Biker jackets in an eggshell hue tanned using vegetal and natural substances.
  • Jumpsuits made from silk gazar woven with GOTS certified raw silk.

Ecological Mindfulness

Eco Friendly methods were central to Owens’ designing process for this collection. He used environmentally friendly materials such as,

  • Denim made on narrow looms treated in an Italian wash house that purifies water.
  • Cowhide tanned using vegetal substances sourced from Solofra and Tuscany.
  • Jumpsuits made from GOTS certified raw silk.

Dafne Balatsos, a regular collaborator with Owens for 25 years, also made contributions with silk charmeuse robes. They were created from leftover stock from the now defunct Oriental Silks store based on Beverly Boulevard in Hollywood. This illuminated his commitment to sustainability and long lasting relationships within the fashion industry.

Floral Arrangement of Gymnasts

The highlight of the show was arguably the “Gymnast Bouquet.” It was a metal contraption holding three gymnasts in various postures, lifted by nine men. Set to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 Allegretto’s rhythm, it highlighted Owens’ vision of unity and strength. All performers were from Parisian fashion schools, further magnifying the spirit of collaboration and inclusiveness.

Togetherness through Diversity

The unifying theme flowed into the clothing pieces as well. Models wore identical outfits replacing Owen’s usual black tone with shades of white and ivory. The show included headpieces resembling Cleopatra, caps called balaclavas, and capes that added a futuristic vibe to the event.

Harmony Expressed

In his program notes for the show, Owens emphasised unity’s necessity in contemporary times. He said , “While we should celebrate our individuality, often expressing our dependence on one another is equally important, particularly during times when intolerance is at its highest around us.” This fundamental sentiment was evident throughout his fashion display.

Partnerships and Novelties

Owens’ SS25 collection saw numerous contributors helping him including,

  • Ylva Falkthe artist and choreographer who coordinated gymnastic poses known for impressive performances back in 2015.
  • Silk robe designed by Dafne Balatsos who has been a constant collaborator.
  • Imaginative DIY knits made by Tanja Vidic a recent fashion graduate from Slovenia.

Last Thoughts

Rick Owens’ Spring/Summer 2025 presentation at Paris Fashion Week was not just another fashion show. It emphasised unity innovation and environmental mindfulness. Inviting students and teachers, using green products, and focusing on shared identity, Owens’ message was both modern and evergreen. Attendees were mesmerised by the display, reminded of unity’s power and significance in hard times especially when intolerance is high.


Ryan Lenett
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