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Evolution of Luxury: From Silent Luxury to Quiet Luxury

In the last few years, and particularly after the pandemic, fashion has changed a bunch. Now, there’s this thing everyone’s talking about: ‘silent luxury’ and ‘quiet luxury.’ We’re going to look into these new trends – how fancy fashion is moving away from showing off to something more subtle.

Silent Luxury in Fashion

  • Spring-Summer 2024 Trends: The style for Spring-Summer 2024 looks to be simple and minimalistic. We’re moving away from the bold styles of the 2000s, and more towards the idea of quiet luxury.
  • Inspirational Figures: Icons from the 90s such as Carolina Bessette-Kennedy are being looked up to for their straightforward and serious fashion sense, which is shaping today’s trends.
  • Color Palette: Gray is becoming very fashionable, competing with black for the top spot in many fashion shows.

Flagship and Pop-Up Stores in Asia

  • Showcasing Luxury: Luxury brands are constructing flagship and pop-up stores in Asia with spectacular designs and avant-garde architecture, despite the trend towards silent luxury.
  • Brand Examples: Burberry in South Korea has introduced a temporary installation with a unique design, while other brands like Prada, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton have also established innovative flagship stores in the region.

Quiet Luxury: A Viral Fashion Movement

  • Rise of the Trend: Quiet luxury, also known as stealth wealth, gained significant traction in 2023, influenced by popular culture and influencers.
  • Changing Perceptions: Despite being a sought-after ideal, quiet luxury has become somewhat of a controversial term, symbolizing both exclusivity and unattainability.
  • The Role of Brands: Luxury brands are subtly signaling their high value through their products, without overt branding. This trend has been embraced by various fashion houses and even mass-market brands like Banana Republic and Alo Yoga.

The Paradox of Quiet Luxury

  • Hope vs. The Real Deal: Quiet luxury is where the dream of looking rich without showing off crashes into what’s available and what you can afford.
  • What People Think: Folks are split on this trend. Some think it’s the bee’s knees, while others say it’s a pie-in-the-sky dream.
  • Low-Key Rich Vibes: The real deal quiet luxury seems to only come to those who aren’t chasing after it. It’s all about keeping it on the down low and being part of an exclusive club.

Market Dynamics and Consumer Behavior

  • Luxury Brand Strategies: High-end brands are combining silent luxury with quiet sophistication in their products. They’re finding the sweet spot between low-key elegance and cutting-edge store looks.
  • Consumer Trends: More people want luxury goods that show off wealth in a hushed way. They’re after items that echo quiet luxury.
  • Price Points: Even though these items don’t shout their worth, their price tags are still steep. This mirrors the brand image and the excellence we expect from deluxe items.

Consumer Shift Towards Sustainable Luxury

  • Eco-friendly Practices: There’s a new wave of luxury that doesn’t make a fuss – it’s called silent luxury, and it’s all about being kind to the planet. People are now into using stuff that’s made from recycled stuff and making things in ways that don’t hurt our earth.
  • Brand Initiatives: The big fancy brands are getting the message too. They’re starting to make sure they do things in a way that won’t wreck the environment. And guess what, customers who care about the planet dig this.
  • Social Media Influence: Digital platforms have played a crucial role in shaping and spreading the trends of silent and quiet luxury. Influencers and fashion bloggers are key drivers in popularizing these trends.
  • E-commerce Growth: The rise of online shopping has also affected luxury fashion, with brands enhancing their digital presence to cater to a global audience.


In conclusion, the fashion industry’s move towards silent and quiet luxury reflects a broader cultural shift towards understatement and subtlety in luxury consumption. While the physical presence of luxury brands remains bold and innovative, their product offerings have become more restrained and minimalist. This paradox captures the current state of luxury fashion, where the desire for understatement coexists with the need for brand recognition and exclusivity. For more insights into the evolution of luxury fashion trends, you can visit Vogue.

Ashley Waithira
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