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Tesla Announces Major Recalls Affecting Over 2 Million Vehicles

Tesla, the well-known maker of electric cars, has started two big recalls that affect a ton of their vehicles. They are fixing serious safety problems with the door latches and the Autopilot driving aid.

Recall for Model S and Model X: Door Latch Concerns

  • Scope of Recall: Tesla is recalling about 120,423 vehicles, to be exact, the 2021-2023 Model S and Model X.
  • Issue Identified: The latch on the doors of these models might not work right if there’s a crash, which could cause the doors to open when they shouldn’t. This increases the chance of people getting hurt.
  • Discovery of Defect: Tesla’s engineers found this problem during some routine tests they did for crashes on the side of the car on December 6.
  • Current Status: As far as we know by December 14, nobody has made any warranty claims or gotten hurt because of this issue.
  • Remedial Action: Tesla sent out an update for the software over the air—that means wirelessly—for free, to fix the issue. They plan to mail letters to car owners by February 17, 2024. If you need more info, you can get in touch with Tesla customer service at (877) 798-3752 or NHTSA at (888) 327-4236.

Recall for Autopilot Feature: Autosteer Function Issues

  • Extent of Recall: This recall touches over 2 million cars through Tesla’s range of models, pretty much all the cars they have out there.
  • Problem Description: They’ve found a faulty bit in the Autopilot, especially in the part that helps steer the car. This came up after NHTSA spent two years looking into crashes that happened when Autopilot was turned on.
  • Autosteer Modifications: Now, there’s a software update planned. It should make sure drivers stay alert and pay attention more when Autopilot is doing its thing. It limitsAutosteer uses the car’s surroundings to work and tells you when it stops working.
  • Recall Tied to Advanced Software: In February, Tesla had to get back more than 360,000 cars because of problems with its fancy “full self-driving” tech.
  • Tesla’s Opinion: Tesla is upset with news articles. They say they’re wrong about their security tools. Tesla insists their numbers show these features do save lives and prevent injuries.
  • NHTHA’s Continuing Probe: A person from NHTSA said they’re still digging into Tesla’s self-driving bits, especially looking at how well Tesla fixed the problems.

What’s Next and Checking Safety

  • Keeping an Eye on It: NHTSA will test the new stuff Tesla put in the cars that were recalled to fix the Autopilot issue. They’ll look at what happened in real accidents before and after those fixes were made.
  • Role of a Special Center: NHTSA’s testing center in Ohio will play around with some Tesla cars to try out ways to fix the things that went wrong.

What It Means for Tesla and Their Customers

  • Trust and Reputation: These recalls are a bit tricky for Tesla’s rep and how much customers trust them. But being open and fixing things fast could help folks not think too badly of them.
  • Standing in the Market: Everyone’s watching how Tesla, which is a big shot in the electric car world, handles this hiccup. The way they deal with it might change how they do in the market going forward.
  • Safety Advances: All this fuss has also started more talk about how car safety is getting better, especially with electric and driverless cars. What Tesla does plays a part in this big convo about making cars safer.

Looking Ahead: Tesla’s Commitment to Safety and Innovation

Tesla keeps making their cars better, especially when there are recalls. They’re really into coming up with new ideas and making sure their cars are safe.

In the future, you can bet Tesla will test their cars even more and make sure everything’s top-notch. This might lead to new safety stuff for all cars, which is pretty cool.

Tesla works well with groups that set car safety rules, which shows they want to be on top of their game and keep their cars as safe as possible.


The recalls show that Tesla doesn’t mess around with safety and follows the rules. If you’ve got one of these recalled cars, don’t wait around—update it now so you stay safe and your car works right. Tesla’s quick-to-fix issues with updates you can get without going anywhere, and they’ll tell you what you need to know. They’re serious about keeping their cars safe and sorting out problems fast. Learn More about the recall.

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