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Tourist Deaths in Greece Due to Heatwave

Greece’s current heatwave has led to the sad deaths of many tourists, including a US horse trainer and a UK TV doctor. The high temperature caused several people to go missing, causing worry for locals and officials.

Sad Finds

55 year old American tourist Toby Sheets’ body was discovered on Mathraki, a Greek island. Sheets, who worked with trainer Steve Asmussen for a long time, went missing last Thursday. His last known location was at a café with two women tourists who have since departed from the island.

Officials found his body on an empty beach and moved it to Corfu for postmortem examination. “He did die in Greece,” stated his cousin Greg Sheets. “As of now we only know this much. We are figuring out what occurred.”

Additional Casualties

The heatwave also took the lives of other tourists,

  • TV doctor Dr Michael Mosley from the UK, He disappeared while hiking and was found dead on Symi island on June 9.
  • A Dutch tourist aged 74, Found dead in Samos island’s ravine on June 15.
  • Hikers from France, Two women aged 64 and 73 are still missing on Sikinos island.

Ongoing Searches

Efforts are continuing to locate 59 year old Albert Calibet, an ex police officer from California who disappeared on Amorgos island. Oliver Caliber, Albert’s brother, has been tirelessly trying to find him. “This man is a first responder that vanished here”, Oliver voiced via YouTube video.

Albert’s family and friends hope to locate him despite acknowledging the low chances of finding him. “The probability is very low,” said Oliver. “I want to find my brother though, even if there’s just a 1% chance.”

Heatwave Consequences

Greece is undergoing its earliest known heatwave, with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The extreme weather has forced schools and tourist hotpots such as the ancient Acropolis to close down. The high temperatures, propelled by winds from North Africa, pose danger for hiking and outdoor activities.

Actions from Authorities

Greek authorities are ramping up efforts in their search for the missing tourists and supplying support to those impacted by the heatwave. The US State Department has been called for comment on the American citizens impacted by these events.

In addition, local officials suggest visitors be safe during such intense heat waves. “Keep yourself well hydrated, avoid tough activities and protect yourself during peak heat times,” a representative from Greece’s National Tourism Organization recommended.

Affected Communities’ Reactions

The devastating news of lives lost has shocked local communities in affected places who are now mourning them. Many locals have shown sympathy towards the victims’ families and joined search efforts. “It’s heartbreaking for our tight knit community,” mentioned Spyros Argyros, Deputy Mayor of Mathraki. “We hope that they find the remaining missing individuals safe.”

Steps Taken For Safety

To prevent more deaths from happening, authorities have adopted some safety measures,

  • Patrols: Tourist popular areas now have frequent patrols to help visitors.
  • Aid Stations: Emergency aid stations provide water and first aid, where needed.
  • Public Alerts: Regular public announcements on weather conditions and safety tips are being disseminated.

As Greece battles the raging heatwave, the aim remains to ensure everyone’s safety. The fatalities remind us of the threats that extreme weather poses and how important it is to take timely safety measures.

The Future

This scenario in Greece underscores the bigger issue of climate change and its effects on worldwide weather patterns. Experts caution that such intense weather events might become more common and severe in times to come. As we struggle with these issues globally, safety and readiness should be given top priority.

For now, we hope for the safe recovery of remaining missing tourists and prevention of more unfortunate incidents. Many people share their thoughts and prayers with the families suffering due to these tragic events.

Jonas Muthoni
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