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Trump’s Truth Social Starts Trading as a Public Company

Donald Trump’s business venture has taken a bold step, catching the eye of both financial experts and political commentators. After almost thirty years, a part of Trump’s empire his media and technology group behind Truth Social is hitting the public stock market in an impactful way.

The Launch and Its First Effects

Upon its launch, Trump Media kicked off trading with the ticker “DJT,” reflecting Donald J. Trump’s name. The stock saw an immediate jump of 56%, soaring to $78 before settling closer to $70. This surge puts the company valuation at a surprising $13 billion a number that has many finance pros doing double-takes.

A Look at Company Worths

In contrast to Reddit, Even though Reddit brings in more money, its value was set at just $6.4 billion during its own IPO.

Trump Media’s worth is about half of its current valuation.

The company has made $3.4 million but lost $49 million, which doesn’t line up with how much it’s valued on the market.

Market Skepticism and Speculation

A bunch of money experts think the crazy trading of Trump Media’s stock is kinda like what happened with GameStop and AMC when their values went wild during the pandemic. People aren’t so sure that Trump Media will keep its value and think it might drop to match how the business is actually doing.

Insider Perspectives

Even though the stock started off strong. people who keep an eye on this stuff say the numbers don’t make sense. They can’t figure out how such a big price tag matches up with not a lot of users and lots of money lost. This makes them think it’s all just a gamble, investments that have often seen sharp drops in value.

Trump Cashes In

Trader’s buying into Truth Social has bumped up Donald Trump’s wealth by over $4 billion, taking it up to about $6.5 billion. This surge happens while Trump deals with various legal issues and money problems in his other business ventures.

Potential Hazards and What’s Next

  • Even with this cash boost, the prospects of Trump Media depend a lot on Trump himself. His political and private life drama could affect how well the company does and its market price.
  • The financial past of the company, including some of Trump’s old businesses going bankrupt, means there’s a chance things could go sideways moneywise.
  • The stock’s future might rely on politics, specifically if Trump does well or flops in any upcoming elections. That outcome can make the company flourish or struggle big time.
  • The stock market has reacted to Trump’s new social media platform, Truth Social, and it’s affected his fortune.


Trump’s new social network, Truth Social, hitting the public market has gotten mixed responses. It’s got people excited but also doubtful and wondering what will come next. Right now, it looks good for Trump’s bank account, but whether that keeps up is anybody’s guess. Money experts are warning folks that this stock might be more like a rollercoaster ride than a sure bet. They think the price could be inflated compared to what the company really makes. As Truth Social deals with being out in the open, we’re waiting to see how it’ll shake things upfor tech businesses and politics too.


Jaleel Mwangi
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