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Tram Incident at Universal Studios Hollywood

In Universal City, California, a tram at Universal Studios Hollywood crashed on Saturday evening, injuring 15 people. This event has brought up concerns regarding how safe the rides are at the amusement park. It occurred during the wellknown Studio Tour which brings visitors to see actual movie sets.

Details of the Incident

The accident took place just past 9 PM when the tram was turning close to where they keep the Jurassic Park vehicles. The Los Angeles County Fire Department arrived quickly after it happened. They said that the last part of the tram hit a metal guardrail hard. Because of this hit, it almost tipped over and some folks got thrown out onto the road.

Injuries and Immediate Response

A group of ambulance teams took 15 visitors to hospitals nearby for treatment with injuries ranging from small cuts and bruises to more serious ones thankfully nobody involved had been drinking any alcohol or using drugs, as far as we know.

Drugs were not thought to play a role in the event. A rep from Universal Studios Hollywood said the injuries were light and made it clear that keeping their visitors safe is very important.

Looking into It and How the Park Reacted

The California Highway Patrol is looking into why the crash happened. While they do, Universal Studios has started doing the Studio Tour again but on a different path that keeps guests safer and helps stop this from happening later on.

Words from Universal Studios

On late Sunday afternoon, someone speaking for Universal Studios made an announcement saying, “We really care about those who got caught up in what happened last night and are working with the cops to figure out how the crash went down.” They also stressed that they’ve changed up the tram tour and doubled down on safety so this kind of thing isn’t repeated.

A Toast to 60 Years of the Studio Tour

In spite of the bad incident, Universal Studios Hollywood is gearing up to mark the 60th birthday of its renowned Studio Tour. Launched back in 1964, this tour has become an iconic must see, giving guests a behind the scenes glimpse at the creation of some of Hollywood’s biggest movies and TV shows.

New Features and Safety Measures

The park has rolled out a few fresh additions for the anniversary, like nostalgic tram rides and a precise duplicate of the famed Hollywood sign. The updates aim to not just make the tour more enjoyable but also include upgraded safety protocols.

  • “Oldschool” tram cars that come with new safety features are now in action.
  • A spot to snap photos that looks just like the real Hollywood sign has been set up for visitors.
  • All tram drivers have gone through intensified training on how they can keep things safe and what to do if there’s an emergency.

Looking Forward

Universal Studios Hollywood remains one of the top destinations for tourists seeking entertainment and adventure. A place where memories are made it continually adapts ensuring that each visit is full of exciting experiences grounded in cinematic history. Whether you’re a film buff or just looking for a fun day out you’ll find something special here as Universal Studios welcomes you with open arms into its realm of reel magic.

Tourist Attractions in California

California is famous for its large backlot and a rich history in movie production. The people who run the park are doing everything they must to keep visitors safe, showing they really want to offer a secure place for fun.

While they look into what went wrong with the tram, Universal Studios is still welcoming visitors. They invite folks to come enjoy all the great stuff there, with park bosses and police keeping an eye out.

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