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Fashion and Politics Mix at the 2024 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

The White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, often the “nerd prom“, has changed over time into a glamorous affair competing with events like the Met Gala in fashion impact. This year, a colorful mix of political figures, journalists, and Hollywood stars showcased their style on the red carpet.

  • Scarlett Johansson shone in a Giorgio Armani white strapless gown, joined by her husband Colin Jost who wore Armani as well and hosted the event.
  • Vice President Kamala Harris wore a sleek, long black dress from Celine that matched the evening’s sophisticated yet solemn vibe.
  • Senator John Fetterman stood out with his unique approach to formal attire, wearing his typical casual look of a black tie hoodie paired with basketball shorts.

Billy Porter also grabbed attention with his eye catching clothing choices during the evening.

In her unique fashion style, Dua Lipa donned a black sequin caftan paired with a traditional white shirt, while Fran Drescher impressed in an elegant white brocade pantsuit, both showing innovative takes on classic red carpet looks.

Comedic Highlights

During his speech, President Joe Biden entertained guests and mentioned political matters. He joked about his own age and commented on his Republican adversaries, notably Donald Trump. This brought attention to the importance of press freedom and democracy.

Colin Jost of Saturday Night Live fame offered a roast that cleverly mixed humor with genuine support for President Biden. He recalled his grandfather’s respect for decencya quality he attributed to Biden. Jost’s jokes lightly touched on Biden’s mistakes and the bizarre scenarios often seen in politics, using comedy to make light of these severe issues.

Notable Moments

The event was filled not only with fashion and laughter but also served as an avenue

The event is a crucial platform that reflects on the key roles of journalism and democracy. The dinner is known for its blend of entertainment and thought provoking talks about the influence of media and politics in forming public opinions.

Here are some humorous moments from the night,

  • “The 2024 election campaign is already heated, raising questions about candidate ages. I find myself competing with someone who could be a kindergartener,” Biden humorously pointed out, stressing the odd dynamics common in political contests.
  • Colin Jost made a playful comment regarding the age of both presidential contenders, joking that even Jimmy Carter might consider reentering the race.
  • Biden playfully addressed his diverse portrayals by different actors on SNL, saying, “I’ve given jobs to eight actors impersonating me tell me I’m not helping create jobs!”

The evening cleverly mixed humor with serious discussion, showcasing how essential this celebration hosted by the White House Correspondents’ Association is.

The Correspondents’ Dinner served as a link connecting the public with government officials via journalists and commentators.

Reflections on Decency

In his concluding speech, Jost highlighted respect and decency. He shared why his grandfather voted for Bidenhe believed in the leader’s good character. This idea struck a chord with many attendees, signaling that the event went beyond jests and elegance to honor American ideals and democracy.


The 2024 White House Correspondents’ Dinner will stand out for its stylish setting, sharp humor, and meaningful conversations. It underscored how essential laughter is in promoting political discussions while honoring the continuing legacy of American journalism and democratic values.

Jonas Muthoni
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